Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid called out leading GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans — including those complicit in mainstreaming Trump’s hatred by cowardly remaining silent as he spews xenophobic rhetoric — in a blistering floor speech on the Senate floor earlier today. “We all know... Continuar »
Irresponsible Rhetoric and Policy on Immigration Harming Individuals, Nation The chorus of voices condemning Donald Trump’s lies and racism continues to grow, with many observers now also calling out Trump’s fellow Republicans for their cowardice in sufficiently denouncing Trump and distancing the GOP from his dark vision of America. In fact, Trump’s... Continuar »
Marco Rubio is in Much the Same Place as Cruz  In a recent interview with NBC’s Kasie Hunt, Ted Cruz was reluctant to specify what constitutes “amnesty” since he’s been trying to pin the A-word on his opponent Marco Rubio.  Finally, he offered up this definition: “forgiving the law-breaking of... Continuar »
Earlier this week, Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie took a break from yelling at schoolteachers to examine “what options his administration has to block Syrian refugees from resettling in the state and receiving financial aid,” the Wall Street Journal said. Christie’s double-down comes in response to the federal government... Continuar »
Last Sunday, GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush complained to CBS’ “Face The Nation” that “it’s kind of scary” to listen to Donald Trump talk, saying that “he’s all over the map, misinformed at best and praying on people’s fears at worst.” Still, that didn’t stop Jeb from telling that... Continuar »
For the past six months, the mainstream media has been broadcasting Donald Trump’s racially charged rhetoric, ripped from the fringes of the anti-immigrant and white nationalist movements, as if it were normal political discourse.  But these words and “policy” prescriptions are having real-life consequences, including numerous instances of attacks and harassment against Latinos,... Continuar »
Donald Trump’s dangerous and toxic campaign for President continued this past weekend when Trump not only defended, but in fact encouraged the brutal attack of a Black Lives Matter demonstrator at a campaign rally. Here at America’s Voice, we’ve been tracking instances across the nation where Trump, his supporters, or... Continuar »
Donald Trump’s dangerous, toxic campaign for President reached another new low this past weekend. Here at America’s Voice, we’ve been tracking instances across the nation where Trump, his supporters, or his staff have harassed or attacked Latinos and immigrants. Now, in an ugly new incident, Trump not only defended,... Continuar »
Last week, Democratic presidential candidate and former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley sat down for a historic meal with a DAPA-eligible family from Austin, Texas, to hear how the program would benefit them. O’Malley’s visit with the Ramirez family — consisting of several DACA-recipient children, a U.S. citizen child, and... Continuar »
As we stated last week, Trump added another disturbing detail to his mass-deportation vision: A “Deportation Force” to implement his radical, widely-condemned plan. As Frank Sharry, the Executive Director of America’s Voice noted, “Trump’s radical and dangerous mass deportation plan, a discredited idea once consigned to the sewers of the far-right, is... Continuar »