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America’s Voice Reacts to Selection of Mike Pence as Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee

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Lynn Tramonte: “Gov. Pence is signing his name in indelible ink onto Donald Trump’s dark and divisive vision for America.”

The following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the selection of Mike Pence as the Republican vice-presidential nominee:

“While Gov. Mike Pence has his own extreme history on immigration (highlighted below) the most relevant detail is the most recent news: by accepting the VP slot on this Republican ticket, Gov. Pence is signing his name in indelible ink onto Donald Trump’s dark and divisive vision for America.

On the key immigration question – what to do about 11 million undocumented immigrants in America – Trump calls for a Deportation Force to round up and deport every single individual and several million more of their American-born children, all within 18-24 months.

Every single Republican backing Trump, from his newly-announced ticket-mate to the Paul Ryan capitulation wing of the Party, are helping to mainstream this dangerous idea and own a piece of it through their support for a President Trump.”

Key Details About Mike Pence and the Immigration Debate 

  • As Indiana’s Governor, Pence has fear-mongeredover Syrian refugees being re-settled in his state; supported Indiana joining onto the partisan lawsuit challenging the DAPA/DACA+ immigration executive actions, leading to stalemate for millions of families deserving of relief; and stated in regards to a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers, ‘we should not reward people with citizenship whose first act in this country was a violation of the law.’
  • In the House of Representatives, then-Rep. Pence’s most notable fingerprints on immigration were on his 2006 complicated and unworkable proposal centered on the ‘report to deport’ concept for the undocumented population in America. After first demanding border security upgrades, Pence’s plan would require undocumented immigrants to voluntarily return to their home countries, where some could then become guest workers in America. After 17 years, some of these guest workers would be allowed to apply for citizenship.