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Nevada Groups And Advocates Launch “Immigrant Voters Win” Campaign To Mobilize Latino Voters

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Earlier today in Nevada, immigrant leaders and members of Culinary Union 226, PLAN Action, CCC Action, Latino Victory Project, and Nevada’s Voice gathered to discuss “Immigrant Voters Win”, a new multi-million dollar campaign to flex the muscle and power of the Latino and pro-immigrant vote.

Among the speakers was Estefani, who will be a first-time voter in November. Estefani has a sister who is a DACA-recipient, and both of her parents are eligible for DAPA. But because of the GOP-led lawsuit blocking implementation of the program, Estefani’s parents remain in legal limbo and at continued risk of their family being torn apart.

During the press conference, Estefani admitted that she never really gave politics a thought, but that all changed when she saw the anti-immigrant attacks and rhetoric being directed at immigrants like her family.

Now, Estefani is committed to fighting back at the ballot box against anti-immigrant leaders like Donald Trump, as well as the Republican leaders in Nevada who now support him for President, like Rep. Joe Heck and Rep. Crescent Hardy.

“I will remember the words of Donald Trump, Joe Heck, Crescent Hardy, and Danny Tarkanian when I vote this November,” Estefani said.

Recent polling of Nevada voters from Latino Decisions and commissioned by America’s Voice found that 87% of Nevada Latino voters have either a “very” or “somewhat” unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump (81% “very unfavorable”).

More than 3-of-4 Nevada Latino voters say the Republican Party “doesn’t care too much about Latinos” (47%) or that the GOP is “sometimes hostile towards Latinos” (31%), while just 14% say the Republican Party “truly cares about the Latino community.”

For Latino voters like Estefani, immigration is personal: 59% of Latino voters know or have a undocumented person in their family, according to further polling from Latino Decisions.