Trump now treats the Defense Department budget as a slush fund for his boondoggle President Trump, with the acquiescence of the conservative majority in the Supreme Court and most Republican Senators, is now treating the Department of Defense as a slush fund for his ineffective and costly border wall. This week marks the first anniversary… Continue »

Advocates delivered petitions asking Senators to oppose Trump on immigration.

Where are the GOP’s conservative principles when you need them? Next week marks the first anniversary of Trump’s fake national emergency declaration which was the pretext for raising military funding to divert it to border wall construction. As we noted last week, Trump’s “impenetrable” border wall is showing its weaknesses as an immigration strategy, given… Continue »

anti-immigrant militias detain immigrants

Will He Install Plaques for Each Private House and Land He Seizes on the Border? As we keep noting, Trump is singularly obsessed with the border wall and its political symbolism and is advancing a dizzying array of risky schemes to claim his own version of ‘mission accomplished’ no matter the cost to the country,… Continue »

For the Second Time This Week, Trump Administration Tees Up Another Raid of Military Funds for Border Wall Obsession Yesterday, the Trump administration’s DHS sent a request to the Pentagon to build approximately 270 miles of border barriers under existing counter-drug authority. But due to the relatively small amount of anti-drug funding in the Pentagon’s… Continue »

Trump’s new plan to raid an additional $7.2 billion in taxpayer money allotted to the military and narcotics interdiction in order to fund his border wall obsession sets up another moment of truth for Republicans, as Congress is planning on more votes attempting to hold Trump accountable on the subject. Last fall, after Trump raided… Continue »

“The only reliable backstop to prevent Trump from completely rewriting immigration policies, the Constitution and our system of checks and balances is to vote him out of office.” Three recent court rulings and actions show the limits of relying on the courts to serve as a backstop to mitigate the worst of President Trump’s policies… Continue »

On January 3rd, the Trump administration decided to extend but not redesignate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Yemen for another 18 months for nearly 1,500 TPS holders. While the extension is a welcome reprieve for Yemeni TPS holders already here in the U.S., the status only extends to current Yemeni TPS holders who arrived before… Continue »

Big Brother Government Increasingly Limits Our Freedom  The Trump Administration’s relentless efforts to scapegoat, scare, and both keep out and kick out immigrants includes a mounting series of big brother and big government tactics – supposedly anathema to conservatives and Republicans – that are ensnaring U.S. citizens. Witness: DHS to force DNA collection from people… Continue »

In two incredibly in-depth stories, USA Today highlights the corruption within ICE detention centers across the US that has lead to severe trauma, physical harm, and death of migrants. Since President Trump’s election, spending for detention centers has skyrocketed, centers have multiplied and a record number of migrants have been subjected to ICE’s abuse.  In… Continue »

Governor Lee Offers Hope in the Bleak Anti-Immigrant Trump Desert Yesterday, Tennessee’s Republican governor Bill Lee announced that he would keep the state’s doors open to refugees, another powerful example of states and localities standing up for a different vision that the Trump/Stephen Miller effort to slam the door in the face of refugees. Calling… Continue »