Encarnacion Pyle of the Columbus Dispatch has a new piece out asking “Is fear of Trump fueling immigrants’ push for citizenship?” Naturalizations typically increase heading into a hotly contested presidential election.  But this year, immigrants are expressing a clarifying motive: achieve the right to vote in order to defeat Donald Trump and... Continue »
Univision highlighted AV’s “Trump Hate Map” during a recent segment on how Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric has inspired his followers to commit acts of violence and harassment against Latinos and immigrants. “Something is happening in the country that we haven’t seen in many years — an anti-immigrant sentiment that... Continue »
More than 300 students from Forest Grove High School staged a walkout this week after a student hung a “Build A Wall” banner on campus. “It’s just intolerable,” Superintendent Yvonne Curtis. “I think it makes people feel unsafe which is why we dealt with it immediately.” However, the Oregon... Continue »
Donald Trump claims he loves “the Hispanics” and “cherishes women.” This Latina might disagree with that. Alicia Machado, a Venezuelan actress and model crowned Miss Universe in 1996, says that Trump mocked her as “Miss Piggy” after she gained weight and at one point humiliated her by forcing her... Continue »
The 2016 Presidential campaign has exploded with a flood of anti-immigrant and anti-Latino vitriol from Republican candidates — and Latinos and immigrants are getting set to respond at the ballot box. A fantastic video and must-read post from Emerson Collective highlights a recent citizenship workshop hosted by Culinary Workers... Continue »
Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the leader of the GOP nationally and in Colorado. Previously Representative Mike Coffman has said he would support the Republican nominee, and he hasn’t changed his position now that the nominee is likely to be Trump. Further, as we noted last... Continue »
We have been calling for Republicans and conservatives to visibly and vocally break from Donald Trump, recognizing that Trump and his dangerous vision for America is antithetical to who we are as a country and the values we hold dear. Today, there are two fresh examples of Republican and conservative voices standing... Continue »
A new must read piece in the New York Times analyzes the practical implications of Trump’s immigration proposals. The piece confirms what immigration advocates have been saying all along—not only are Donald Trump’s immigration policies inhumane, but actually implementing them would be enormously expensive and essentially, impossible. The full piece, “Donald Trump’s Immigration... Continue »
The president of the nation’s largest Hispanic evangelical group is currently deciding whether or not to air a video message taped by Donald Trump for its annual conference this weekend. Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, told the Post that though he had not... Continue »
Last summer, we introduced the “Trump Hate Map” – a comprehensive look at the locations and events where Latinos, immigrants, and other people of color have been harassed or attacked by Trump or his supporters. We noted that, to a degree unprecedented in recent American political history, Trump and his campaign’s... Continue »