Washington, DC – Ya nadie puede tratar de justificar lo que siempre ha sido obvio: Donald Trump, el nominado republicano para presidente, es un racista. Aun antes de que Trump iniciara su campaña, jugueteaba con el llamado movimiento que clama por los “certificados de nacimiento”, el cual era un... Continue »
Washington, DC – No longer can anyone try to explain away what has long been obvious: Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, is a racist. Even before Trump began his campaign, he was cavorting with the so-called “birther” movement, which was a blatantly racist attack on President Obama.... Continue »
Fox News host Megyn Kelly ripped Donald Trump for his outrageous attacks on US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Trump has claimed Judge Curiel is unfit to hear Cohen v. Trump, the civil fraud lawsuit against “Trump University,” simply because he is Latino. Judge Curiel, a well-respected jurist who received... Continue »
Se ha completado la fusión: Trump y el GOP son una y la misma cosa En uno más de sus indignantes e insostenibles ataques, Donald Trump dijo ayer que Gonzalo Curiel, un honorable juez federal, no es apto para atender el caso Cohen v. Trump, la demanda civil por fraude contra la Universidad Trump,... Continue »
Merger Now Complete: Trump and GOP One and the Same In yet another outrageous and indefensible attack, Donald Trump said yesterday that Judge Curiel, a well-respected federal judge, is unfit to hear Cohen v. Trump, the civil fraud lawsuit against Trump University, simply because of his ethnicity.  This latest racist broadside from Trump... Continue »
An editorial in yesterday’s New York Times, “Donald Trump and the Judge,” echoes a point we have been trying to make – that we cannot allow Trump’s nativism and lies to go unchallenged or become normalized. Reacting to Trump’s race-baiting attack on the judge overseeing the Trump University class action lawsuit, the Times editorial states that,... Continue »
Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is claiming that Donald Trump will attract Latinos and African-Americans in the upcoming general election — on which planet exactly, Senator? “Donald Trump is going to do better with Hispanics and African Americans,” Sessions claimed. “I am convinced, because he’s talking about things that... Continue »
We have long-believed that we cannot afford to normalize Donald Trump and his dangerous vision for America, nor allow his noxious ideas and his fact-free style of campaigning to become mainstreamed or treated as part of politics-as-usual. Over Memorial Day weekend, Trump provided two new examples of his divisive and nativist... Continue »
Mother Jones has released a video superimposing Donald Trump’s voice over 1960’s footage of African-Americans being beaten and harassed by white Americans during the Civil Rights Movement era. It’s a frightening vision, and a very real comparison — Black protesters have been among the targets of Trump’s fanatics during his... Continue »
If Marco Rubio is still pondering his next move after his Senate term ends next year, we hear a position as a weather vane might available. This same man who once called Donald Trump a “con artist,” a “lunatic,” and “wholly unprepared to be President” has apparently pulled an... Continue »