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Countdown: How Long Before Rep. Coffman Finally Disavows Trump?

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After Trump’s extreme speech on immigration, what exactly is Coffman waiting for?

Last night, Donald Trump gave a policy speech on immigration that painted a dark, nativist picture of America. He touted a plan that would, through mass deportation and self-deportation, deport or force out most, if not all, of the 11 million undocumented immigrants settled in this country.

In the aftermath of Trump’s presentation of the most extreme, anti-immigrant platformever espoused by a presidential candidate, it is looking increasingly difficult for Rep. Mike Coffman to straddle the line between distancing himself from Trump and actually withdrawing his support for the toxic Republican nominee.

“Rep. Coffman has tried to play both sides and distance himself from Trump without truly disavowing or committing not to vote for him. With each hateful, divisive comment that comes out of the Trump campaign, we’ve wondered what it would take for him to finally do so,” said Alvina Vasquez, State Director of Colorado’s Voice. “After Trump’s immigration speech, the stakes are higher than ever. Coffman can either stand with immigrants or stand with Trump. What exactly is he waiting for?”