El jueves, el senador Rubio trató de tomar distancia del presunto nominado republicano Donald Trump, al decir “hoy estamos en una zona libre de Trump. Estoy trabajando en muchos otros asuntos”, mientras trataba de evadir toda discusión en torno a los comentarios en contra del juez Gonzalo Curiel. Cuando se le... Continue »
On Thursday, Sen. Rubio tried to create some safe space between him and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, “We’re in a Trump-free zone today. I’m working on a lot of other stuff,” while trying to evade any discussion of Trump’s comments against Judge Gonzalo Curiel. When pressed further, he replied “I... Continue »
On a press call today Congresswoman Judy Chu of California, Congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona, and Frank Sharry of America’s Voice discussed Donald Trump’s attacks on the respected Judge Gonzalo Curiel, why these comments are so offensive, and the ways in which the presumed GOP nominee’s candidacy may affect Latino turnout... Continue »
On Tuesday, Gov. Brian Sandoval was asked to respond to Trump’s recent attacks on Judge Curiel. By now, everyone knows where Donald Trump stands, and his anti-Latino comments have been condemned widely across the country as the textbook definition of racism. However, instead of rescinding his support to Trump’s candidacy... Continue »
Since his campaign launch a year ago, it is undeniable that Donald Trump has encouraged his supporters to physically and verbally lash out against Latinos, immigrants, African-Americans, Muslim-Americans, and other minority groups. A series of new pieces highlight some of these disturbing attacks from all over America, with Trump-inspired... Continue »
They Need to Answer for Trump’s Racist Remarks, and His Racist Policies Yesterday, Republican Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI) said, regarding Donald Trump and his sustained attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, “His comments over the weekend are authenticating what I believe is the man’s character… Something that walks like a duck,... Continue »
In the race to replace retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Republicans have been shut out of a spot on the fall ballot “for the first time since the state’s first direct election of Senators in 1914.” Under state rules, the top two finishers win spots on the fall ballot... Continue »
Yesterday, Senator Richard Burr was asked to respond to Trump’s recent attacks on Judge Curiel, which have been widely condemned across the country as the textbook definition of racism. In a bizarre twist of linguistic gymnastics and moral flexibility, Burr was able to simultaneously declare that the comments were... Continue »
By Continuing to Support the Republican Nominee, Ohio Officials Like Sen. Portman Have “Cut a Deal with the Devil” After Donald Trump’s comments questioning Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s impartiality due to his Hispanic heritage, it’s clear that the presumptive Republican nominee is espousing an overtly racist view. In a new... Continue »
This isn’t about tone, this is about a battle for the soul of America Despite the fact that Donald Trump’s comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel have been rightly criticized as “racist” by leaders from across the political spectrum, most Republican elected officials and candidates are continuing to support their... Continue »