American Public Overwhelmingly Supports Legalization and Rejects Deportation Trump’s Overt Nativism Actually Driving Up Support For Practical, Humane Policy Though we are still hours away from the first 2016 polls closing, one result is already in: nativism lost big. GOP nominee Donald Trump made his hard line anti-immigrant stance... Continuar »
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We’re finally here — Election Day 2016. As early voting numbers have indicated, Latino and immigrant voters will play key roles in battleground states that will determine who occupies the White House come January. “Donald Trump opened his White House bid by stoking fears of Mexicans flooding the border,” NBC’s... Continuar »
*** Latino & Asian American Voter Election Eve Poll to Be Released in Multiple Installments*** Releases Throughout Election Day (2pm EST/11am PT and 4pm EST/1pm PT) Candidate Questions Released as Polls Close in Individual States (starting 7pm EST/4pm PT and ending at 11pm EST/8pm PT)  Wed 11/9: Webinar on Latino poll and... Continuar »
A day after Latinos and immigrants lined up for hours on the last night of early voting in Nevada, the state’s GOP chairman and Donald Trump supporter claimed that “in Clark County, they kept a poll open till 10 o’clock at night so a certain group could vote.” “A certain... Continuar »
North Carolina joins Nevada, Texas, Florida, in Early Vote Drubbing As early voting wraps up in North Carolina and other key states, the Latino community has delivered a stinging rebuke of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda in the most American way – with their vote. According to data from the North Carolina State Board... Continuar »
Tomorrow is Election Day, and numbers from early voting in battleground states like Nevada and Florida are indicating one thing: It looks like Donald Trump may have gotten his big, beautiful wall after all. New from Lalo Alcaraz: Continuar »
During a fiery speech in support of Hillary Clinton last week, Alicia Machado declared that the 2016 race is “our election. This is our election, Latinos!” “It’s really clear that he does not respect women. He just judges us on our looks,” Machado said during the Florida rally, her... Continuar »
Though many of them cannot vote in this Presidential election, immigrants are making their voices heard in what is shaping out to be a historic election for Latinos. As we noted earlier today, a leading story emerging from early voting days has been that of Latino voters owning their power... Continuar »
Less than 24 hours before Election Day, one of the dominant post-election storylines has already emerged: Latino voters are surging, poised to vote in historic numbers against Donald Trump in large part due to immigration issues, and are set to be decisive in key states throughout the country: Jonathan... Continuar »
On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump launched his Presidential campaign by calling Mexicans drug dealers, criminals and “rapists.” Some may have forgotten his remarks during the 16 months of insults that were to come, but Latino never did. Just take a look at what happened during the final night of early voting in... Continuar »