WASHINGTON, DC – Ya comenzó el proceso para que los Soñadores soliciten la acción diferida que les concederá una protección temporal de la deportación y un permiso de trabajo. La idea es que la mayor cantidad de jóvenes elegibles se beneficien de la protección y no sean víctimas de... Continue »
Today, the first of nearly 1.7 million DREAMers can begin applying for deferred action under a program that was announced by President Obama earlier this year in June. (See the Washington Post article here.) The political impact of this is clear. Over the next month, hundreds of thousands of... Continue »
The biggest day for immigration in decades is finally here! Following President Obama’s June 15, 2012 announcement that DREAM Act-eligible youth would be able to request deferred action and protection from deportation, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has begun accepting applications from immigrant youth.  Eligible beneficiaries will be... Continue »
With the DREAMer “Deferred Action” process set to begin accepting applications tomorrow, Mitt Romney still refuses to answer a simple question: on his first day as President, would he keep or revoke this new policy? After bringing on hardline anti-immigrant activists as advisors, and taking hardline immigration positions during the... Continue »