Por Maribel Hastings, asesora ejecutiva de America’s Voice: WASHINGTON, DC –  Admitamos que a simple vista ha habido un “avance” y los republicanos, al menos en teoría, han ido evolucionando y han pasado de extremistas a la Tom Tancredo y Steve King,  a Marco Rubio promoviendo una vía a la ciudadanía para los indocumentados aunque… Continue »

At Crooks and Liars, Dave Neiwert has an excellent post titled “The Coming Fight on Immigration Reform: What Progressives Want.”  He lays out a very clear agenda, setting the stage for the upcoming immigration debate from a position of strength. Given the results of the 2012 election, the fact that the American people want reform, Democrats… Continue »

On behalf of America’s Voice, Bendixen&Amandi conducted a national poll of 1,010 Latino voters in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia in December 2009. Interviews were conducted in Spanish and English and the margin of error was 3%. Immigration is a key issue… Continue »