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Frank Sharry: “We Need a Breakthrough, Not a Blame Game”

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President Trump spent most of yesterday pressuring Congress to embrace his immigration plan and trash-talking Democratic leaders for rejecting it. On Twitter, he wrote, “We have a great chance to make a deal or, blame the Dems!”

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in reaction:

We need a breakthrough, not a blame game. We need a bill to be enacted by Congress that will protect the Dreamers that Trump put on a path to deportation with his September decision to end DACA. What we don’t need is a last-minute, far-reaching and partisan immigration proposal from a President who has rejected three serious bipartisan solutions over the past five months.

Trump seems more interested in playing politics than in solving the problem. Yesterday, he seemed to be saying, “my way or the highway.” That is a recipe for getting nothing done.

It’s time for members of Congress to step in and step up to get done what is doable: pair the Dream Act with smart, effective border security measures. All other issues should be left to a second round of discussions on a more comprehensive reform bill.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that this President is undermining serious efforts to solve a crisis he created. But that doesn’t absolve Congress from doing its job and protecting the Dreamers before they are exposed to deportation.