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Mitt Romney Visits California; DREAM Act Student Protestors Right Behind Him

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dream protestCalifornia’s GOP primary isn’t until June 5, but frontrunner Mitt Romney is spending part of this week in California fundraising, which means that the DREAMers bird-dogging him have big plans in California too.

Activists from the DRM Capitol Group along with other DREAM Act supporters rallied against Romney in San Diego, California yesterday, and then again in San Francisco.  They held up signs promising to “veto Romney, not the DREAM Act”—a reference to how Romney has promised to veto the DREAM Act should a bill ever come to him as president.  More protests are planned in Irving, California and Los Angeles today.

The DREAMers are sending “a message that undocumented youth do have a voice in this electoral year — the Latino vote,” the DRM Capitol Group said in a press release.  “And Latino voters will be voting for those who support the DREAM Act and against those attacking undocumented youth, their families and their education.

View pictures and video of yesterday’s protest in San Diego here.