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Attention Texas Republicans: Do You Agree With Trump’s Support of a Putin-Like Border Invasion of Mexico?

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As March 1 primary approaches, dangerous “Invasion” rhetoric has been a central message of GOP elected officials and candidates

Washington, DC – In shocking comments yesterday, former President Trump commended Russian President Vladimir Putin’s increased escalation in Ukraine, which includes the deployment of “peacekeeping” Russian troops in two regions of Eastern Ukraine. Trump referred to Putin’s actions  as “genius,” also saying “we could use that on our southern border”, for what could be interpreted only as sending American troops into Mexico.

While Trump was advocating an invasion of Mexico, Republicans across Texas and the nation have been fretting about a different “invasion” – an absurd and dangerous conspiracy theory that migrants are “invading” the southern border. Republicans are using this “invasion” rhetoric in campaign ads, knowing full well the August 2019 massacre in El Paso was committed by a gunman whose manifesto “rail[ed] against a ‘Hispanic invasion of Texas,’ embracing a white nationalist version of Texas that has never existed.”

According to Mario Carrillo, Campaign Manager of America’s Voice:

The ugly rhetoric coming from Republicans about the border continues to be dangerous and demeaning. Now they are adding the false narrative that migrants seeking safety are an “invasion” – threatening the very national security of the United States. The facts tell a different story, of course. But, Republicans would rather run nasty ads and do border photo ops than come up with solutions.  

But it gets worse. Now, the leader of their party, Donald Trump, is praising the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and suggesting it’s what should be done at our Southern border.

Every Republican in Texas should have to answer for the invasion rhetoric, starting with Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz, along with every GOP candidate running for any office in the state. 

Republicans always seem to glide past the violent rhetoric that targets border communities specifically, especially as they try to woo Latino voters. That has to stop. Reporters need to ask them if they support an invasion of Mexico and if they think the U.S. is currently being invaded. Voters need to get answers. And, every voter, reporter and Democratic candidate in the state should hold them accountable.

Read the recent America’s Voice report, “Texas GOP Embracing Anti-Immigrant “Replacement” and “Invasion” Conspiracies and Rhetoric Despite Proven Deadly Consequences