Updated September 18, 2013 We are at a critical juncture in the fight to pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans.  Below is our take on the choices House leaders are facing today and the factors that will force them to do the... Continue »
As Congress returns to work next week, one thing is clear: the immigration reform movement has never been stronger. And the movement gets stronger every day. We continue to build political power while our opponents continue to lose credibility. After the August recess, another thing is clear: we now have the... Continue »
What you need to know about the so-called “SAFE Act” that Bob Goodlatte and House Republicans will be pushing this fall: Summaries and Analysis: Top 5 Reasons to Oppose the SAFE Act (NILC) SAFE Act Summary (NILC) “Son of Sensenbrenner” Bill Would Make Our Communities Un-SAFE (NILC) Hearing on H.R. 2278, Strengthen... Continue »
30 House Republicans and Counting Support Immigration Reform and Citizenship At America’s Voice, we believe there are enough votes for a path to citizenship to pass in the House — if Speaker Boehner will allow a vote. We’ve been compiling supportive quotes from GOP House members. As former Speaker... Continue »
August 2013 | Download PDF here Public opinion on immigration reform is nuanced, not complicated. Do Americans support secure borders?  YES. Are they angry that our nation’s immigration system is broken?  YES. Do they think politicians have a responsibility to fix it?  YES. Do they think immigrants who shoulder the... Continue »
February 20, 2015 Office Hours: Legal Expert, Legislative Analyst & DREAM Leader Discuss Next Steps Forward in TX Lawsuit and DHS Debate in Congress Speakers: Frank Sharry, America’s Voice Alvaro Huerta, National Immigration Law Center Astrid Silva, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Lia Parada, Alliance for Citizenship — February 6,... Continue »
The following is a compilation of the top ten Republican members of the House that will influence and ultimately decide what immigration measures are brought to the House floor. This list includes members of leadership as well as those that must take on the issue from their key committee... Continue »
Updated September 13, 2013 Republican & Conservative Movement Leaders Support Immigration Reform Since the 2012 election, leading Republican and conservative voices are calling for a new Republican approach to immigration, as evidenced by the following quotes: Republican Elected Officials Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), wrote in an op-ed, “Everybody agrees... Continue »