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New Ad In Washington State Highlights Mounting Political Risk for Incumbent Republican House Candidates A new six-figure TV ad buy from Equity Forward Action released late last week highlights the mounting political risk for incumbent Republican House candidates in the wake of the Trump administration’s family separation crisis. The ad calls on Representative Cathy McMorris … Continue reading »

Democrats on the move; Trump desperate to stoke fear; GOP in trouble Here are our key takeaways and key results from last night’s elections: Democrats have momentum as we approach the midterm elections. Following the “too close to call” result in Ohio 12’s special election, and with Democrats needing 23 seats to take control of the … Continue reading »

kris kobach

It’s big day for Kris Kobach, a long-time leader of the extreme anti-immigrant movement who is running for Governor of Kansas. This past weekend, ProPublica in an in-depth article titled “Kris Kobach’s Lucrative Trail of Courtroom Defeats,” reminded readers of Kobach’s long history of filing anti-immigrant ordinances, most of which were found unconstitutional, but not … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “Racism doesn’t increase wages; xenophobia doesn’t pay for healthcare; dividing America doesn’t protect the government investments Americans count on” Last night’s ugly speech from President Trump in Pennsylvania featured efforts to scapegoat familiar targets, such as immigrants and the media, while seeking to divide and distract the electorate from substantive, kitchen table issues. … Continue reading »

Tennessee Dreamers rallied for DACA

Today, primary races in Tennessee voters will choose candidates for Governor, Senate, and several House races — and following the Trump/GOP 2018 script of divide and distract, attacks on immigrants were a central component. On the Republican side, the main immigration decision for candidates this year seemed to be how vigorously to attack immigrants. We … Continue reading »

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