The Supreme Court took no action Tuesday on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, a move that requires the government to keep the program going for at least 10 more months. The Trump administration urged the justices to hear appeals of lower court rulings that prevent the government from shutting DACA down.… Continue »

A Profile in Stupidity, A Profile in Cowardice We’ve come to this: Trump’s incompetence and narcissism leaves him with no manhood-affirming exit strategy; and McConnell’s cowardice and coddling of Trump’s incompetence and narcissism means he won’t take the exit ramp before him. Here are some smart takes: Frank Wilkinson of Bloomberg writes, Pelosi Should Recognize… Continue »

Families Prepare For Their Temporary Protected Status To Expire and Subsequent Forced Deportation If Congress Does Not Act In an article for the New York Times, Julie Scharper gives voice to the uncertainty and worry of Ruth Ayala and Tomas Guevara, Temporary Protected Status holders whose legal status was terminated by the Trump administration last… Continue »

A Political Blunder in the Making If the mercurial President follows through on his promise to own a government shutdown in a temper tantrum over funding for his pet project — the wasteful, unpopular and insulting border wall — it won’t be because the White House has run the numbers. From the beginning, President Trump’s… Continue »

Two new pieces offer reminders that Trump’s policy choices helped create the chaos and disorder on display at the border by dismantling processes and laws and whipping up fears and lies. Even further, the articles highlight that Trump’s proposed hardline deterrence solutions don’t work, won’t work, and aren’t even directly responsive to some of the… Continue »

El largo camino de la caravana de migrantes hondureños ha dejado al descubierto diversas realidades a su paso. Como una especie de imán visual en movimiento, con un punto de partida y otro de llegada, ha atraído en relativamente poco tiempo todo aquello contra lo que anteriores generaciones lucharon durante tantos años, costando vidas en no… Continue »

Deep Dive Polling Shows Why His Immigration Closing Argument Backfired Michelangelo Signorile pens a powerful piece for HuffPost entitled, “Donald Trump Is Losing, And He Knows It” (excerpts below): Trump and certainly his political aides must see that his greatest campaign weapon ― viciously assaulting immigrants and people of color with racist rhetoric and actions… Continue »

Trump’s effort to make 2018 a referendum on immigration mostly didn’t work. Trump demonized immigrants and Democrats in an effort to mobilize his voters, peel off independents and depress Democratic turnout. If it had worked, Republicans would have swept most of the Senate races in Trump states, held the House and limited damage in state… Continue »

Following months of hand wringing about the Latino vote, the Associated Press reports that in this year’s midterms Latino early voting turnout increased by 174 percent compared to the 2014 midterms. In addition, Asian American and Pacific Islander voters increased by 218 percent and African-Americans by 157 percent. The article is below and available online… Continue »

Congress Must Find a Way to Permanent Residency for TPS Holders As Congress returns for the lame duck session, time is of the essence. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, their families, and advocates across the nation are demanding a permanent legislative fix for TPS after the Trump Administration terminated the program for more than 300,000… Continue »