According to today’s Des Moines Register, the Agriprocessors raid set taxpayers back $5.2 million. “That means it has cost taxpayers an average of $13,396 for each of the 389 illegal immigrants taken into custody.” So let’s do the math, shall we? If it cost $13,396 to arrest each undocumented worker in the United States, and estimates are that there are at least 11.5 million people who fit that definition, then you, I, and the rest of American taxpayers could be looking at forking over $154 billion to ICE alone.

We’re still waiting, and we’re running out of time. With only one debate left, the one issue that seems to be missing in action is immigration. Its absence is somewhat puzzling, as this issue is of particular importance to Latino voters.

Likely voters significantly favor comprehensive immigration reform, a new Zogby/Inter-American Dialogue survey shows. “When presented with more specific parameters of a path to citizenship, however, there was a marked increase in support. Sixty-seven percent would support a path to citizenship for immigrants in the U.S. illegally if they pay taxes, pay a penalty and learn English — 80% of Democrats, 57% of Republicans and 62% of political independents agree with this new path to citizenship.”

Lou’s main defense against being branded “anti-immigrant” is to vigorously proclaim his support for legal immigration. Well, Truth in Immigration’s latest video slams Dobbs for backing down on legal immigration and blindly citing FAIR (a recognized hate group) talking points to tank bipartisan legislation in Arizona around legal immigration. Lou, what part of “LEGAL” don’t you understand?

We’ve hit a new, if hilarious, low in the Spanish language ad wars. Maybe it’s just us, but making criminals – much less target practice- out of immigrants is not going to fly with Latino voters on Election Day. Painting hard-working immigrants, whatever their status, as criminals is, in fact, one of the most offensive things that the extreme right wing has done, and expecting that message to work with Latino voters who know better, may be one of the dumbest.

The bill does not call for an end to immigration raids, although we all know the Administration’s raids policy is not going to fix illegal immigration or get the system under control. As Secretary Chertoff’s remarks last year betrayed, these raids are more about cowboy politics than effective policy. No, the Menendez-Kennedy bill is simply about reigning in the way Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) handles its business. It is a very modest measure that asks ICE to exercise a bit of humanity, and a bit of common sense, as it goes about its campaign of immigration enforcement.

The surge of the immigrant vote may come as a surprise to many, but not to the dozens of organizations that form the We Are America Alliance (WAAA). The Alliance is driving the largest coordinated effort in our nation’s history to increase immigrant civic engagement. In a push to commemorate National Citizenship Day (September 17th), Alliance members held events that successfully registered 20,000 new Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters in 13 key electoral states. In addition, the “Ya es Hora! Ve y Vota” (Now is the Time! Go Vote!) Campaign will register and engage Latino voters in key battleground states through an unprecedented radio and television effort.

Just when we thought we already had enough problems with the Wall Street fiasco, in walks Michelle Malkin. The right-wing blogger and television loudmouth has given us a new group to point fingers at. That’s right, the current Wall Street meltdown has nothing to do with government ineptitude or failure to stem corporate greed… “It’s the immigrants, stupid!”

After finding himself in the middle of a fight between John McCain and Barack Obama on immigration reform, conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh decided to broadcast some of his immigration views en Espa�ol on today’s show.Click here to check out our response to Rush.

On “The Savage Nation,” discussing a caller’s statement that “Muslim fundamentalists” are “walk[ing] around Northern Virginia as if they own the place,” Michael Savage asked, “Why would a nation that is as evolved as America, and as liberal as America is socially, want to bring in throwbacks who are living in the 15th century?” He also asked: “What is the societal benefit of bringing in throwbacks, some of whom are no doubt terrorists, and some of whom are gonna produce children who will become terrorists?”