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A Message from Pedro, the Would-Be Arizona Marine Who Could Be Deported


Pedro—an orphan who grew up American and dreams of serving in the Marine Corps —faced imminent deportation last week from the country he hopes to serve.

Pedro’s community bolted into action — and so did you.

Last week, over ten thousand faxes were sent on Pedro’s behalf, and this activism made a huge difference. Just moments before his scheduled deportation, Pedro received a 30-day reprieve. Now, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency is again reviewing Pedro’s case.

Watch a message from Pedro and then share Pedro’s story with your family and friends — and if you haven’t already, send a fax to DHS and ICE, telling them that Pedro has your support:

Though we’ve already sent over 10,000 faxes to ICE and DHS officials, we can’t stop now.  Pedro could still be deported in just a few weeks, and there is less than a month to convince ICE that deporting an orphan and would-be marine is simply un-American.

Please share Pedro’s story with your family and friends, and ask them to send a fax, too.

Pedro is counting on us. Let’s not let him down.