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“Gone in 18 Seconds” & Why We Must Challenge 14th Century “Solutions” to Immigration

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A new internet video, entitled, “2 girls undermine entire US border strategy in under 18 seconds” is causing quite a stir. It’s already received nearly 1/2 a million hits on YouTube and is sure to continue to spark debate.

Watch it:

Via Huffington Post:

In a clip released as part of a documentary entitled “The Other Side of Immigration,” two girls can be seen shimmying to the top of a section of border fence in a mere 18 seconds. The barrier is the kind that stretches across large expanses of the southern border, and that some would like to see extended.

“The Other Side of Immigration” is a critically-acclaimed film directed by Roy Germano about the conditions that drive Mexicans to illegally journey to the United States and the results of their displacement. This specific clip asks: “Are we getting our money’s worth? Is the border fence an effective deterrent?” and appears to argue that money could be better spent improving the lives of Mexicans to discourage them from crossing the border quickly and illegally.