Earlier this week, The Oregonian reported on an incident where ICE agents accosted Isidro Andrade-Tafolla, accusing him of being an undocumented immigrant for whom they were searching: Federal agents mistook a longtime Washington County employee for an illegal immigrant just as a nearby demonstration against arrests of undocumented immigrants... Continue »
English Reuters U.S. Judge Aims to Quickly Decide Lawsuits Over DACA By Dan Levine September 21, 2017 Wall Street Journal Most Americans Want Protection for ‘Dreamers’ By Laura Meckler September 21, 2017 Politico UC president throws some punches at Trump administration By Michael Stratford September 21, 2017 NBC Florida... Continue »
Por David Torres Acostumbrado a recurrir a los estereotipos para recibir el aplauso fácil, es seguro que Donald Trump nunca ha tenido la menor idea de lo que es la esencia humana. Sobre todo de aquellas comunidades de inmigrantes que tanto ha humillado, como la mexicana, que ahora mismo,... Continue »
The racist 30-second spot uses images of MS-13 gang members in an El Salvador prison in last ditch effort to motivate voters by appealing to their fears Washington, DC – Republican Ed Gillespie released his latest ad attacking Democratic candidate Ralph Northam last night. In it, Gillespie uses imagery... Continue »
ICE and Border Patrol Cruelty Needs to Be Reined In Washington, DC – Every week brings more troubling examples of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Border Patrol actions that violate basic social norms and offend our sense of who we are as Americans. Below, we lift up some... Continue »
A recording of today’s event is available here. Columbus, OH – On a press call today, Columbus, OH Councilmember Elizabeth Brown joined local DACA recipients, as well as local business and education leaders to discuss why a legislative solution for Dreamers is so urgent for Ohio and America. A recording... Continue »
Washington, DC – While Ann Coulter and fellow travelers may be up in arms about the prospect of a bipartisan legislative agreement in support of Dreamers, a majority of GOP voters support Trump’s move to resolve immigration issues with Democrats. New polling shows that these nativist elites do not... Continue »
Arrested in February, Coronilla Guerrero’s wife told judge that Coronilla-Guerrero faced death if he was deported Austin, TX – Juan Coronilla Guerrero was forcibly taken from a Travis County Courthouse in February, deported, and according to the Austin American-Statesman, killed by gangs that took him from his bed while he... Continue »
Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez has lived in the United States for fifteen years. He is a devoted husband to his wife Seleste Wisniewski, a U.S. citizen, and father to four U.S. citizen children in Elyria, OH. Pedro and Seleste’s eldest son, Juan, suffers from severe intellectual disability and cerebral palsy. Pedro is... Continue »
English The Hill Liberal unrest threatens Dem immigration strategy By Rafael Bernal and Mike Lillis September 21, 2017 Associated Press Pelosi: Put off immigration overhaul, save ‘Dreamers now’ By Matthew Daly September 20, 2017 Associated Press Apple CEO defends ‘dreamers’ program September 20, 2017 Reuters Pelosi Calls DACA Deal... Continue »