Austin, TX – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) posted a notice on Wednesday soliciting private sector interest for a new detention center in South Texas that could hold up to 1,100 immigrants, continuing its relentless discrimination and crackdown on immigrants across the state. From a piece in Reveal by Patrick Michaels:... Continue »
This week’s edition of the America’s Voice podcast, “180 Days,” is now available. The weekly podcast will run over the next six months as we approach the March 6, 2018 deadline for DACA. We cover the fight to protect Dreamers and pass the Dream Act – and other immigration... Continue »
Washington, DC – Latino USA, a national NPR program, highlights three important cautions for the GOP: 76% of Latinos think Trump is doing a bad job, racism is a pressing issue, and they want Congress to pass the bipartisan Dream Act. These findings come from polling released this week by Latino Decisions, Latino... Continue »
Washington, DC – In Prince William County, one of the most diverse, fast-growing, suburban swing districts outside of Washington, a diverse set of candidates are turning political will into political action by mounting challenges to incumbents, and overcoming old stereotypes. Fenit Nirappil of The Washington Post, writes that Prince William County has... Continue »
Washington, DC – Reports that focus on the fact that the overall numbers of deportations under President Trump have declined compared to fiscal year 2016 lose sight of the forest through the trees. Said Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund: A key factor in this is the decrease... Continue »
Washington, DC  –  A new FOX News poll is the latest in a swell of recent national polls to find overwhelming support from Americans, including Republicans, for Congress passing legislation that puts Dreamers on a path to citizenship.  Some key takeaways: 57% disapprove of the job President Trump is doing on immigration; 79%... Continue »
Washington, DC – Across the country, DACA recipients and a broad range of their allies are urging Congress to act quickly to legalize America’s Dreamers. This is happening not only in traditionally Democratic states, but in purple and red states as well, and is quantified in a range of recent... Continue »
English Chronicle Telegram Deportation at hand for Elyria resident (VIDEO) September 28, 2017 GMA News DACA recipients have only one week to request for renewal —USCIS September 28, 2017 American Prospect (Op-Ed) Protect the Dreamers By Jared Bernstein & Ben Spielberg September 28, 2017 WOSU He Stayed To Care... Continue »
Washington, DC –  Among the key takeaways in the new Quinnipiac poll: 88% of Americans, and 79% of Republicans, support efforts to allow Dreamers to stay in this country and eventually apply for either citizenship or legal status short of citizenship. 82% of Americans, including 69% of Republicans, back citizenship... Continue »
US government insists on deporting Pedro Hernandez – loving father of US citizens, caregiver to a disabled man, despite damage to family and society Cleveland, OH – In a cruel and callous decision, the US government has refused to grant Pedro Hernandez Ramirez another “stay” of deportation, which would have... Continue »