Last Thursday, Texas State Representative Ramon Romero, a Democrat from the Fort Worth area, sat down to talk about Dreamers and DACA in one of our latest Dreamer Dinners. Over enchiladas, Representative Romero and the Dreamers he sat down with spoke about the stories of Dreamers, the rumors of... Continue »
Florida State Representatives Robert Asencio and Daisy Baez, both Democrats, sat down with nearly a dozen Dreamers last night in Miami in the latest Dreamer Dinner. Some of the Dreamers and DACA beneficiaries in attendance included Monica Lazaro, who studied chronic fatigue syndrome in college and now works in... Continue »
Hurricane Harvey is continuing to wreak damage throughout Houston and other parts of coastal Texas — and disturbing headlines are appearing as residents respond to the crisis. This coming Friday, the state’s new anti-immigrant law  SB 4 is set to be implemented, and how officials treat immigrants in the... Continue »
A Pennsylvania man charged in a hate-crime attack that left a Westlake man unconscious was arrested Monday, police said. Gregory Brzoza, 24, is in the Cleveland City Jail awaiting his first court appearance, which has not been scheduled. Brzoza was arrested Monday, according to court records. Cleveland police spokesman Det.... Continue »
In a victory for both public safety and for immigrants, Illinois’ Republican Governor Bruce Rauner signed the Trust Act into law today. The legislation will ensure that law enforcement throughout Illinois focus on protecting public safety instead of targeting immigrants for deportation. It encourages immigrants to come forward to... Continue »
Ohio immigrant legislation will help cities protect their populations.
Cleveland, OH – On Meet the Press yesterday, two common themes emerged in interviews with Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH).  One, bipartisanship is key to progress on issues that Americans want resolved; and two, the Trump Administration’s mass deportation policy is inhumane and un-American. Governor... Continue »
Two powerful new opinion pieces from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, excerpted below, underscore the key finding of a new survey of DACA recipients issued today: that the DACA program works and benefits both its recipients and America as a whole. Juan Escalante, America’s Voice Education Fund’s digital campaigns... Continue »
In a touching and emotional lunch over pizza on Friday, Rep. Darren Soto (D-FL) met with six Dreamers and DACA recipients to talk about what DACA has meant to them and the future of the program. Rep. Soto met with Mariana Castro, Claudia Jimenez, Karen Caudillo, and Ivan Vasquez... Continue »
Dicen que cuando se toca fondo hay dos opciones: rendirse o tratar de salir del hoyo. El culebrón semanal del presidente Donald J. Trump incluyó un nativista mitin en Phoenix, Arizona, y cerró la semana con broche de oro perdonando al racista, antiinmigrante y convicto exalguacil del condado de... Continue »
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America’s Voice Two New Dreamer Op-Eds and Largest-Ever Survey of DACA Recipients Remind Us that DACA Program Works for America While Kasich and Brown Stress Bipartisanship and Humane Immigration Policy, Trump Implements Extreme, Un-American Agenda A Victory for Public Safety and for Immigrants as GOP Governor Bruce Rauner Signs... Continue »