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Incident Report: Cleveland, OH

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A Pennsylvania man charged in a hate-crime attack that left a Westlake man unconscious was arrested Monday, police said.
Gregory Brzoza, 24, is in the Cleveland City Jail awaiting his first court appearance, which has not been scheduled.
Brzoza was arrested Monday, according to court records. Cleveland police spokesman Det. Reginald Lanton said he was unsure of the details surrounding Brzoza’s arrest.
Brzoza is accused of attacking a 22-year-old man on Aug. 20 at a food truck in the East Bank of the Flats.
The man was standing in line with friend to order food when Brzoza, who is white, yelled at him several times saying: “you don’t belong, go back to your own country,” according to police.
Brzoza also yelled anti-gay slurs at the man, according to court records.
The police report does not list the 22-year-old man’s ethnicity. Brzoza, however, kept referring to the 22-year-old man as an “Indian,” according to police.
Brzoza punched the man at least twice in the face, according to police. The man hit his head on the concrete. The impact knocked him unconscious.
He suffered a broken jaw and had one tooth knocked out and several others that were loose, according to police reports.