Milwaukee police arrested a man suspected of throwing battery acid on a Hispanic man who says his attacker asked him, “Why did you come here and invade my country?” Police said Monday they arrested a 61-year-old white man suspected in Friday night’s attack and were investigating the case as a hate... Continue »
Seven Puerto Rican nurses and administrative employees at a Florida Health Department clinic say that their supervisors threatened to fire them for speaking Spanish with one another, according to the Associated Press. The alleged threat may be a violation of federal workplace discrimination rules. The women, who work at... Continue »
Students at San Jose State University will begin the semester with news that racist and anti-immigrant fliers were discovered on campus. “These are troubling times in which we live,” said the university’s president Dr. Mary A. Papazian via a blog post where she addressed the situation. SJSU is not... Continue »
David Allen Boileau kept saying, “the U.S. needs to get rid of all of them,” meaning Middle Easterners, according to police, but for the time being he was focused on getting rid of the neighbors. The neighbors were an Iraqi family, four children and their mother. They had lived... Continue »
A man was standing in the courtyard of the Salt Lake City mechanic shop with a metal bar in his hand that looked like it had been plied off a stop sign. He was yelling slurs at Luis and threatening him. “I hate Mexicans,” he spat. “I f—ing hate... Continue »
Organizers have pulled down 36 of these fliers today alone in Dallas. This fear-mongering and hatred is not who we are as Texans. We encourage all Texans to pull down and ignore these fliers, and instead work to make our state a more compassionate and welcoming place. Continue »
Fairfax County police are investigating swastikas that were spray painted on the front of the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia in Annandale early Saturday morning. Building staff noticed the vandalism, 19 swastikas in total, shortly after 7 a.m. as they were opening up the building for the day,... Continue »
A flyer has been circulating in Tampa offering a reward to turn in undocumented immigrants. There’s even a Homeland Security logo and a number for Crime Stoppers. But, it is not what it appears. “It is extremely alarming for several reasons,” said attorney Jamilla Little. The add claims to... Continue »
In Facebook posts after the game, Bishop described signs expressing support for President Trump and proclaiming “We love White” and “Build the Wall,” a reference to Trump’s pledge to build a barrier along the border between the United States and Mexico. “This is no different than our national discourse, but this... Continue »
The last 48 hours in Iowa: – Iowans received prerecorded calls stating that #MollieTibbetts would’ve wanted undocumented immigrants killed. – Today, this message appeared on the road acrossed a predominately Latino trailer park in Des Moines. WE ARE NOT SAFE! Continue »