If you’re a right-winger desperate for the spotlight, there’s nothing like stoking a fake controversy and ginning up the uglies — especially to sell books. And, we’re witnessing that play out with one of the loudest self-promoters in the GOP: Ann Coulter. This all started with a simple question:... Continue »
DACA Recipient and Immigration Activist Juan Escalante Says DACA 2012 Now “100% Operational” This week, by an overwhelming majority, the Nebraska unicameral legislature voted 34-10 to override the Governor’s veto of LB 623—a bill that will allow DACA recipients to obtain driver’s licenses.  Nebraska is the last state to allow DACAmented... Continue »
Continued Republican claims about an unsecure border — including recent fearmongering about a possible ISIS infiltration from Presidential candidate Rand Paul — just got doused with a cold bucket of reality. In a front page story earlier this week, the Washington Post’s Jerry Markon writes that “illegal immigration flows... Continue »
Earlier this week, the unicameral legislature in Nebraska passed a bill that lifted the ban on driver’s licenses for the beneficiaries of President Obama’s original DACA program. This made Nebraska the last state to take that action. This was a significant victory for the immigrant community and its allies.... Continue »
English (en español al final de la página): BuzzFeed: The Liberal Response To The Koch Brother-Funded Latino Group Is Coming By Adrian Carrasquillo CNN: Inside the Battle for Latino Voters By Chris Moody AP: Where They Stand: George Pataki on Issues of 2016 Campaign By George M. Walsh Wall... Continue »
Following is a column by Maribel Hastings, Senior Advisor at America’s Voice, translated from Spanish to English. The original Spanish-language version is available to read here. The decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, announced this Tuesday, which sustained the injunction against the implementation of... Continue »
Earlier this week, a court of appeals denied the government’s emergency request to lift the temporary hold on DAPA and expanded DACA, two programs that would allow millions of families to live free from the fear of deportation. Legal scholars have noted that this bogus lawsuit — led by... Continue »
With the Texas legislative session coming to a close on Monday, June 1st, the repeal of the Texas Dream Act seems grows less likely by the hour. Local media from across the Lone Star State are declaring the measure, also known as SB1819, “dead” for the legislative session. From... Continue »
Washington Post Exposes the GOP’s “Secure the Border First” Mantra as Fact-Free A new front-page story in the Washington Post by Jerry Markon finds that “illegal immigration flows have fallen to their lowest level in at least two decades.”  It quotes Gil Kerlikowske, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection as saying... Continue »
Estas son algunas preguntas a tomar en cuenta tras el fallo del Quinto Circuito de la Corte de Apelaciones de Nueva Orleans, dado a conocer el martes 26 de mayo en una votación 2 a 1: Tras el rechazo a la solicitud de suspensión del fallo del juez federal... Continue »