La decisión de Obama de postergar la acción ejecutiva, que había prometido el pasado 30 de junio, podría proteger a demócratas cuyos escaños en distritos conservadores se encuentran vulnerables en la elección de noviembre, incluyendo a Mark Begich de Alaska, Mark Pryor de Arkansas, Mary Landrieu de Louisiana y Kay Hagan odeNorth Carolina.

National Immigration Advocates and Ohio Families Decry Political Gamesmanship, Highlight Real Human Costs of Obama’s Delay To listen to a recording of today’s call, click here. With President Obama’s decision to delay executive action on immigration until after the November elections, the hopes of thousands of American families facing deportation were dashed. On a press… Continue »

President Obama’s decision to delay executive action last weekend underscored how long the Hispanic community has been waiting for immigration reform, and how often the issue has been punted.  On the Colbert Report last night, Stephen Colbert aired a painful segment emphasizing just how long it’s been.  Running clips demonstrating that Republicans have been talking about… Continue »

Must-read today is Julia Preston’s New York Times story about Pedro, Seleste, and their children, an Ohio family that we’ve written about many times before.  Last weekend, President Obama announced that he would be delaying his long-anticipated executive action on immigration.  While many commentators have written about the political ramifications of this decision, the practical consequences mean… Continue »

MSNBC: Delay on immigration action brings fresh wave of criticism (VIDEO) CNN: Democrats blame GOP for Obama immigration delay Washington Post: White House immigration advisor Cecilia Muñoz is taking the heat for Obama Business Insider: Obama Accused Of Political Malpractice After Blunder On Immigration Slate: “Deporter-in-chief” blows it: Why the president’s immigration announcement really burns… Continue »

Between now and Obama’s new “deadline” for taking executive action on immigration, 70,000 immigrants could be torn apart from their families, thanks to the nation’s broken immigration system.  Pedro could be deported.  So could many others whose loved ones are one unlucky traffic stop from removal. This message was underscored today by American Fraternity and We Belong Together, who brought… Continue »

The consensus is that President Obama has delayed taking executive action on immigration because of political concerns — namely, to protect Senate Democrats facing tough reelection campaigns this fall.  But Latino voters are a kingmaking demographic, and 2014 is no exception.  A Latino Decisions poll found that without executive action, 57% of Latino voters will be… Continue »

Immigrant Communities Won’t Be Taken for Granted After Latino Voters Have Played Major Role in Colorado Electoral Victories This weekend President Obama officially announced his reversal of a promise to provide protection for millions of immigrant families by the end of the summer. The President’s willingness to cast the immigrant community aside, yet again, for… Continue »

Over the weekend, President Obama announced that he is delaying his highly anticipated announcement on executive action until after the midterm elections, and the pro-reform community exploded in furor.  Today, our own Frank Sharry of America’s Voice, Erika Andiola of DRM Action, and Angela Kelley of the Center for American Progress appeared on MSNBC with Jose… Continue »