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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, September 9, 2014

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MSNBC: Delay on immigration action brings fresh wave of criticism (VIDEO)

CNN: Democrats blame GOP for Obama immigration delay

Washington Post: White House immigration advisor Cecilia Muñoz is taking the heat for Obama

Business Insider: Obama Accused Of Political Malpractice After Blunder On Immigration

Slate: “Deporter-in-chief” blows it: Why the president’s immigration announcement really burns

Al Jazeera America: Obama’s punt on immigration alienates base voters, activists say

The Hill: Dems do damage control on immigration

National Journal: How the Politics Could Shift for Immigration Reform

Politico: The GOP’s Democrat on the border

Bloomberg View (Opinion): A Republican Moment on Immigration

Bloomberg (Opinion): Obama’s Immigration Reform Punt Is Good Politics

Fox News Latino (Opinion): Opinion: The Audacity Of Nope

Newsworks (Blog): Obama’s immigration punt: Wisdom or weakness?

Reason (Blog): The Complicated Politics of Obama’s Delayed Action on Immigration

PolicyMic: Hispanic Lawmakers Are ‘Furious’ at President Obama for Punting on Immigration

Crain’s Cleveland Business: Ohio’s economy trails Great Lakes neighbors in recent ranking

Las Vegas Sun: Obama delays action on immigration until after election

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (Wisconsin – Editorial): President Barack Obama should forget politics and act on immigration

Right Side News: Immigration Reform News and Impact on US Homeland Security September 9, 2014

WorkPermit.com: Obama executive power to reform US immigration

New York Times: Advocates Voice Dismay Over Delay on Immigration

Associated Press: Analysis: Politics Trump Promises on Immigration

MSNBC: Immigration advocates ‘betrayed’ by executive action delay

Arizona Republic: Immigrants feel frustrated, betrayed by Obama delay

The Hill: White House defends immigration delay

Vox: The human cost of Obama’s delay on immigration action

CNN: Five reasons Obama’s delay on immigration is political

Politico: Josh Earnest: President Obama can handle the ‘heat’

Washington Times: Obama ‘willing to take a little heat’ for delays on immigration

The Wire: White House Swears Obama’s Immigration Delay Is His Last One

The Hill: White House sees long play in immigration hold

The Hill: Hispanic lawmakers: No ‘heads up’ from Obama

The Hill: Sessions blasts Obama’s immigration policy delay as political

The Hill: Warner: ‘Right decision’ to delay on immigration

Politico: Sanchez: ‘Disappointed’ in Obama

Washington Post: Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson: ‘Worst is over for now’ on border crisis

Wall Street Journal: Migrant Deaths Decline Along Border

Washington Post: A 10-year-old immigrant faces risks, doubts on the journey to reunite with his mother

The Nation: How the Government Created ‘Stop-and-Frisk for Latinos’

Chicago Sun-Times (Illinois): Obama’s immigration decision could hurt Dems in Illinois

Star-Tribune (Minnesota): Mike McFadden: Both parties have let us down on immigration reform, Sen. Franken: It’s up to the House

Associated Press (Arizona): Immigrant sanctuary gains popularity in Arizona

AL.com (Alabama): Alabama immigration reform group disses Obama for delaying executive action on deportations

Washington Post (District of Columbia): D.C. area immigrant advocates denounce Obama inaction

Washington Post (Plum Line): Immigration is still a huge problem for Republicans

Washington Post (Opinion): The Insiders: Immigration delay does not give the Democrats a pass

Washington Post (Opinion): Obama’s immigration delay might not have been raw politics. But it was raw math.

Washington Post (Opinion): What immigration activists should learn from the gays

Washington Post (Right Turn): Obama’s words disconnected from action

Washington Post (Fact Checker): Cotton earns Four Pinocchios for a claim discredited eight years ago

USA Today (Opinion): Voices: Obama snatches immigration rage from GOP

New Republic (Opinion): Obama Played Politics on Immigration—And Democrats Will Pay the Price

Daily Beast (Opinion): Immigration Reform? Not Until Hillary

Roll Call (Blog): Rothenberg: Senate GOP Gains At Least 7 Seats

Politico Magazine (Opinion): Why I Turned Myself in to DHS

Politico Magazine (Opinion): Obama Broke His Promise to Latinos

The Hill (Opinion): Open letter to Luis Gutierrez: You still need to act

The Hill (Opinion): Bill Press: Delay does matter

The Hill (Opinion): John Feehery: The red line on immigration

Tampa Bay Times (Florida – Editorial): Editorial: Obama fails to lead on immigration

San Antonio Express-News (Texas – Opinion): On immigration, fooled again

San Francisco Chronicle (California – Opinion): Obama on immigration: deja vu on didn’t do