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WATCH: Frank Sharry, Erika Andiola, Angela Kelley on Furor After Obama's Delay

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Over the weekend, President Obama announced that he is delaying his highly anticipated announcement on executive action until after the midterm elections, and the pro-reform community exploded in furor.  Today, our own Frank Sharry of America’s Voice, Erika Andiola of DRM Action, and Angela Kelley of the Center for American Progress appeared on MSNBC with Jose Diaz-Balart to talk about why the movement is angry and why they’ll be pushing Obama for even more meaningful action.

As Frank said about what happened this weekend:

We’re bitterly disappointed…the president essentially promised to take executive action because House Republicans had blocked the best chance at immigration reform legislation in a generation.  We need Congress to pass immigration legislation, but given that the Republicans have blocked it, there is a strong cry for the President to use his executive powers to provide relief.  We shouldn’t be deporting people who will one day qualify for citizenship…

Republicans are dead to us, but this is a conversation between progressives and Democrats.  The president promised us relief, and he hasn’t provided that.

Watch the video below: