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Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition to Protest Obama and Senate Dems Betrayal on Relief for Millions

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Immigrant Communities Won’t Be Taken for Granted After Latino Voters Have Played Major Role in Colorado Electoral Victories

This weekend President Obama officially announced his reversal of a promise to provide protection for millions of immigrant families by the end of the summer. The President’s willingness to cast the immigrant community aside, yet again, for political reasons has caused deep disappointment across the immigrant rights movement and among the millions of Latino, API and immigrant families who are impacted.

On Tuesday, the CIRC Action Fund will rally immigrant leaders and their supporters outside Colorado Senator Michael Bennet’s office to express the anger and disappointment in the President’s decisions and the role of Senate Democrats in asking Obama to delay executive action for political reasons.

Sonia Marquez, North Region Organizer for the CIRC Action Fund, responded to the announcement, saying:

Our coalition is outraged by President Obama’s continued lies and betrayal of the hard working, contributing immigrants who are the fabric of this country. He has dragged us along for far too long with his false hopes and false promises. President Obama points the finger and blames House Republicans for the failure of immigration reform. Now it is time for him to point the finger back at himself for failure on administrative relief. Because of his inaction our families and community members will continue to live in fear and continue to be torn apart. The lack of leadership on this issue from him and Colorado Senators Udall and Bennet has not gone unnoticed. President Obama and Senate Democrats will continue to be held accountable until they deliver what has been promised and is long overdue.