Backers of the bill — known among themselves as “Dreamers” — have been fasting and marching and demonstrating for months. Some have publicly outed themselves as undocumented. They have put faces and names to the 65,000 students who graduate each year from high school into permanent limbo, unable either to work legally or, often, go to college.

Over the weekend, AZ Governor Jan Brewer drew criticism for comments she made Friday that exposed a frightening ignorance on the topics of immigration and crime. AP’s Paul Davenport has more in Arizona Governor: Most Illegal Immigrants Are Smuggling Drugs. It turns out that even Senator John McCain, who has enthusiastically backed the state’s new “papers please” immigration law and sung a hard-line tune on the topic, disagrees with Brewer on her latest assertion.

28/06/10 a 9:29am por Maribel Hastings WASHINGTON, D.C. – En días pasados se reportó que además de promulgar medidas antiinmigrantes como la SB1070, la gobernadora de Arizona, Jan Brewer, formula afirmaciones sin los datos en la mano, como decir que la mayor parte de los indocumentados que ingresan a Arizona transportan drogas. Según la nota… Continue »

Today, immigration reform saw a welcome two steps forward. First, a press conference today marked over 100 co-sponsors for the CIR ASAP bill, introduced last fall by Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). At the press conference, members of Congress reaffirmed and intensified their commitment to passing immigration reform.

“We are a nation in denial about our food supply.” United Farm Workers (UFW) have commenced a new “Take Our Jobs” campaign, an effort to call attention to the importance of immigrant workers, and the difficulties agricultural employers have in maintaining a stable, legal workforce.

In today’s top stories in the Spanish-language media, Janet Napolitano reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to comprehensive immigration reform in a speech in Denver, while mayors of U.S. cities and the United Farm Workers both highlight the contributions immigrants make to the economy.

That’s right, the UFW has commenced what they are calling the “Take Our Jobs” campaign, an unprecedented effort to bring attention to the real issues of immigration in agriculture. If it turns out that Americans do take them up on the offer, kudos to them for helping jobless Americans find work and gain skills. If native-born Americans don’t take them up on the offer, lawmakers will have a hard time opposing AgJobs legislation with the claim that immigrants are “stealing American jobs.”

24/06/10 a 3:20pm por Maribel Hastings WASHINGTON, D.C. – El Sindicato de Trabajadores Agrícolas (UFW) anunció la campaña nacional titulada ‘Tomen Nuestros Trabajos’ retando a los ciudadanos y residentes legales a ocupar los puestos de los pizcadores, una de las labores más duras, inseguras y menos remuneradas del país de la cual depende el suministro… Continue »

Hope for a comprehensive immigration reform bill this year has fallen by the wayside, but the Obama administration is rallying for one last hurrah before mid-term elections in November. Late last week, the White House unofficially announced plans to sue the state of Arizona over the now notorious Senate Bill 1070, a state law passed this year to crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

While Washington continues to substitute tough talk on immigration enforcement for real progress on immigration solutions, several developments are re-focusing the immigration debate onto the economic necessity of passing immigration reform.