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Immigrant Blame Game

Mother Jones Series Takes an In-Depth Look at “the Self-Deportation Movement”

Mother Jones has an excellent series exploring the different aspects of issue of the immigration issue. The first article, by Paul Reyes, is titled, “‘It’s Just Not Right’: The Failures of Alabama’s Self-Deportation Experiment.” The magazine also exposes the inner-workings of those agitators in articles about Kris Kobach and another on the broader anti-immigrant network.

“Defiant” Joe Arpaio Says He Will Cooperate with DOJ Discrimination Investigation

Yesterday was the deadline for Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio to indicate whether he would cooperate with the United States Department of Justice civil rights investigation of his department. Well, Arpaio did respond — in fairly typical Sheriff Joe fashion with some bravado and attitude

Alabama State Senator Scott Beason Stripped of Powerful Committee Chairmanship

Alabama State Senator Scott Beason (R) has been getting a lot of attention lately. None of it good. He was one of the architects of the state’s viciously anti-immigrant law. Yesterday, Beason was in the news again. He was booted as Chair of the Senate Rules Committee.

NBC’s Rock Center on the “Huge Controversy” in Alabama Caused by HB 56

Last night, on NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” reporter Kate Snow did a segment on what Williams called the “huge controversy” in Alabama caused by the passage of HB 56. Snow’s report showed the dire impacts of HB 56 on Alabama’s Latino families and the state’s farmers.

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