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AZ Governor Jan Brewer Criticized, Even from McCain, on "Immigrants = Drug Mules" Statement

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Over the weekend, AZ Governor Jan Brewer drew criticism for comments she made Friday that exposed a frightening ignorance on the topics of immigration and crime.

AP’s Paul Davenport has more in Arizona Governor: Most Illegal Immigrants Are Smuggling Drugs. It turns out that even Senator John McCain, who has enthusiastically backed the state’s new “papers please” immigration law and recently sung a hard-line tune on the topic, disagrees with Brewer on her latest assertion. Crooks and Liars has the video, over at McCain disagrees with Brewer: Most undocumented immigrants are not drug mules.

The level of intelligence in the Arizona immigration debate right now is breathtaking.  Then again, this is the same governor who signed the state’s controversial profiling bill, SB 1070, even though she had no idea “what an illegal immigrant looks like.”

Here’s a refresh:

On the “drug mule” topic, Andrea Nill writes at Think Progress:

Brewer’s remarks were in response to Matt Jette, one of the other candidates, who pointed out that most undocumented immigrant come to the U.S. just to work:

JETTE: You act as if the state of Arizona is being terrorized by illegal immigrants. It’s simply not the case. Crime is on the way down. The bottom line with SB-1070 is who can be more extreme with the bill. […] These people, a lot of them, are just trying to feed their family. They just want to work. Isn’t that a Republican mantra?