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Editorial: Wake up and pass the DREAM immigration reform act

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An editorial Saturday in the L.A. Times argues that it is time to “give undocumented young people the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency if they meet certain requirements.” In other words, why it’s time to pass the Dream Act now: 

Backers of the bill — known among themselves as “Dreamers” — have been fasting and marching and demonstrating for months. Some have publicly outed themselves as undocumented. They have put faces and names to the 65,000 students who graduate each year from high school into permanent limbo, unable either to work legally or, often, go to college.

We’ve documented mamy of these actions and struggles here on the blog, and we agree it is time for the Dream Act to move forward.

Please sign the petition to Congress and the White House to pass the Dream Act now — this summer.