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America’s Voice Applauds the Introduction of Immigration Bill in the House

Every Provision Has Bipartisan Support; It’s Put Up or Shut Up Time for Speaker Boehner Today, House Democrats introduced a comprehensive immigration bill that draws on the bill approved on a bipartisan basis in the Senate, and on the McCaul-Thompson border security bill approved on a bipartisan basis by the House Homeland Security Committee. Said … Continue reading »

The State of Play in the House of Representatives

In the past week the fight for immigration reform in the House of Representatives has been shaken up by some key developments.  This has led to much discussion and analysis regarding their impact.  Some have grown more pessimistic, but we at America’s Voice have become more optimistic.  Here’s our take.  — Four key developments A … Continue reading »

New Video, La Opinión Editorial Push Governor Brown to Sign CA TRUST Act

We’ve written about the immigrant driver’s license bill in California, and our hopes that Governor Jerry Brown will sign it.  There’s also another bill pending that will make drastic improvements to the lives of immigrants–AB 4, also known as the TRUST Act, which will help protect immigrants from deportation when they have not committed any … Continue reading »

Greg Sargent on Nancy Pelosi's Plan to Move Immigration Legislation

This morning, we highlighted an Arizona Daily Star editorial supporting the CIR ASAP bill recently introduced in the House, and encouraged the introduction of similar legislation.  As we wrote last week, the death of the House Gang of 7 potentially presages an exciting new phase in this year’s fight for immigration reform, one that could bring a … Continue reading »

La Opinion / AZ Op-Ed: Check Out CIR ASAP Bill, And Give Us a Vote on Reform

Last Friday, after a summer spent waiting for the House to take action on immigration reform, a slew of things happened at once: the House Gang of 7–a group which has repeatedly postponed the introduction of its long-awaited comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform bill–finally gave up and disbanded.  And (in a development that drew significantly less … Continue reading »

Reps. Grijalva, Vela Introduce CIR ASAP Immigration Bill in House

The big news in immigration reform today was the dissolution of the House Gang of 7, which has been in negotiations for years on immigration legislation.  While its contribution would’ve been welcome in the immigration reform debate, the group’s progress has been stalled for so long that it was about time they clarified where things stand. … Continue reading »

The End of the Group of 7 Shakes Up the Dynamics and Frees Up Our Champions

Greg Sargent at the Washington Post’s Plum Line broke the story this morning that one bipartisan attempt to craft comprehensive immigration reform legislation in the House is dead.  Here are excerpts from Sargent’s post: “It doesn’t appear that we’re going to move forward with the group of seven,” Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a key player … Continue reading »

Memo to House Leadership on Immigration: “Talk is Cheap”

Goodlatte, House Leaders Talk Up Reform, but Where’s their Legislative Proposal? When is the Vote? For months now House leaders have been using similar talking points and sound bites when talking about immigration reform.  However, they continue to fall short when it comes to actually putting their words into action. Case and point, House Judiciary … Continue reading »

Cristina Jimenez: SAFE Act is NOT Safe For Immigrants, Families

Today at the Hill, United We DREAM Managing Director Cristina Jimenez wrote this piece on the SAFE Act–or as it’s also called, the unSAFE Act, and how it criminalizes immigrants rather than addressing the 11 million.  Read the op-ed below or at this link: Supporters of humane immigration reform overwhelmingly won the August recess, but as … Continue reading »