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Democrats Need to Deliver

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“Enough already with the drama and delays. It’s time for Democrats to deliver on their promises. Modernizing our immigration system is one of them.”

Washington, DC – As a whirlwind of hot takes and bad exit polls swirl, we can all agree on one thing: Democrats’ political prospects will be improved if and when they deliver on their promises and their priorities. One of those is immigration reform.

Leading voices across the diverse Democratic coalition are echoing these points:

  • Geoff Garin, leading Democratic pollster: Garin noted, “Hey Democrats, the circular firing squad is the problem, not the solution.  Stop.  We need to pass the strongest bills we can pass with our current majorities and then take our fight to the Republicans.”
  • Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ), a House incumbent in a Trump-voting district: The Daily Beast recapped an interview with Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ), who “said he has no problem supporting immigration reform. He said that Democrats are often preoccupied with how Republicans will attack them, but in his two tough election victories, he said he learned that ‘you don’t win elections by playing defense.’”
  • MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting stated: “Unless Democrats in Washington can deliver on the promises they made to millions of working families, they are inviting the broad, multiracial coalition of voters who ushered them into power to stay home.”
  • Third Way Executive Vice President Matt Bennett stated: “The inability of Democrats – so far, at least – to deliver on the promises Joe Biden made last year is an unforced error. The months of in-fighting and sausage-making must come to an end. We must pass these two historic bills.”
  • Arizona Republic columnist Elvia Díaz on the political dangers for Democrats if they don’t deliver on immigration: “It all boils down to keeping a promise. It’s human nature not to trust those who renege on a pledge or put you at the bottom of priority lists, which Democrats have done with immigration. Breaking that promise, coupled with the fact that Democrats nationally and in Arizona aren’t necessarily tripping over each other to court Latinos, could prove disastrous for them.”

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

Enough already with the drama and delays. It’s time for Democrats to deliver on their promises. Modernizing our immigration system is one of them. 

Immigration reform is popular with the American people, good for our economy and consistent with our embrace of the dignity of work. Democrats have made promises for decades, and the last time Congress passed major legislation legalizing undocumented immigrants was 35 years ago. Immigrants have helped the country survive COVID and our recovery will be strengthened by enabling immigrant workers to work legally and live without the fear of deportation. 

Democrats are the party of good governance, improving lives and advancing the American experiment in multiracial democracy. The way to keep the coalition that defeated Trump fully energized and empowered is for Democrats in Congress to be who we are, get big things done and transform lives.