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Introducing the America’s Voice/Latino Decisions 2016 Senate Project

Latino Decisions and America’s Voice to Examine Latino Influence and Immigration Politics in Competitive Senate Races Washington, DC – As 2015 draws to a close and all eyes focus in on the official start of primary season, America’s Voice and Latino Decisions announced, today, a new 2016 Senate project to monitor political developments in states … Continue reading »

Introducing the America’s Voice/Latino Decisions 2016 Senate Project

By David F. Damore (cross-posted from Latino Decisions) The last three election cycles produced significant volatility in the composition of the US Senate. In 2014, the GOP netted nine seats to secure its current 55 to 45 majority, while in 2012 the Democrats picked-up two seats to sustain the majority the party had gained in 2006. The Democrats’ … Continue reading »

Hillary Clinton Can Win Latino Vote — But Must First Fully Embrace Immigration Action

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton entered the 2016 Presidential race this past weekend, and where she stands on both immigration reform and immigration action will determine if Latino voters lean into her campaign — or tune out. As Latino Decisions has consistently noted, immigration is a “gateway” issue for the Latino voters. When 61% of … Continue reading »

Latino Influence & the Politics of Immigration in the 2014 U.S. Senate Elections

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: To date, much of the evidence suggestive of Latino electoral influence has focused on statewide races, particularly presidential elections in swing states such as Florida, Colorado, and Nevada. However, with no presidential election on the ballot in 2014, the ability of Latino voters, and by extension the politics of immigration, to … Continue reading »

Electoral Sweeps and Their Consequences: The Case of Nevada

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: Is it possible for a politician to be too successful at the ballot box? This appears to be the case with Nevada’s Republican Governor Brian Sandoval. Thanks to a favorable political environment, low turnout among many traditional Democratic constituencies, and the inability of Nevada Democrats to recruit a serious challenger, Sandoval … Continue reading »

New Poll: Latino Support for Hillary in 2016 Depends on Her Stance on Executive Action on Immigration

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: New Poll Shows 2016 Latino Votes Will Follow Candidates who Want to Continue and Extend President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration During the November 2014 midterms Latino voters said the number one issue they wanted Congress and the President to address was immigration reform.  Today, new nationalpoll findings of Latino voters reveal … Continue reading »

Latino Decisions: 89% of Latino Voters Support Obama's Executive Action

This morning,, NALACC, Mi Familia Vota, and Latino Decisions released a new poll of Latino voters on President Obama’s new executive action for immigrants — and the findings should scare the heck out of Republicans.  While both Republican members of Congress and the right-wing base are losing it over Obama’s announcement, fully 89% of Latino voters support the executive … Continue reading »

The Reason Why Obama is Giving a Major Speech in Nevada

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions In January 2013, President Obama chose Del Sol High School in Las Vegas to make his remarks outlining his administration’s comprehensive immigration reform principles. Part victory rally, part policy speech, the event was a clear thank-you to the state’s Latino and organized-labor communities for their 2012 support and a down payment … Continue reading »

UPDATED: 2014 Latino Election Eve Poll With State Results As Polls Close

As noted below,  election eve poll of nearly 5,000 Latino voters nationwide and in key 2014 states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Nevada, North Carolina and Texas) provides new insights into Latino voter behavior in the 2014 elections. The first installment of results–released earlier today—revealed the top issues for Latino voters in 2014. … Continue reading »

Latino Decisions' Barreto and Schaller on Whether Polls Are Capturing Colorado's Latino

Matt Barreto and Tom Schaller, in a post originally published at Politico Magazine and the Latino Decisions blog, ask “Is it possible that Colorado’s Cory Gardner is shaping up to be this election cycle’s Sharron Angle?” Their post is worth a read for anyone interested in how pollsters continually fail “to keep up with demographic … Continue reading »