This morning, we hosted a breakfast with Latino Decisions to talk about Latino voters, the future of the GOP, and the importance of passing immigration reform with reporters. Since the 2012 election (in which President Obama trounced Mitt Romney by more than a 3-1 margin among Latino voters) many Republicans have come around to the… Continue »

New Latino Decisions Analysis: California Story Shows Complete Life Cycle of Anti-Immigrant Wedge Strategy, Cautionary Tale for National GOP  On today’s immigration reform “Office Hours” press call, immigration reform leaders and pollsters discuss the intertwined political and anti immigrant history of California’s Republican Party that has lead to the party’s demise in the state and… Continue »

The following is a blog post cross-posted from Latino Decisions: According to polling data from the Field Poll, after winning the presidential election in 1980, California native Ronald Reagan raised his share of the Latino vote from 35 percent to 45 percent in 1984 while carrying 59 percent of the entire state.  Republicans went on… Continue »

As Congress returns to work next week, one thing is clear: the immigration reform movement has never been stronger. And the movement gets stronger every day. We continue to build political power while our opponents continue to lose credibility. After the August recess, another thing is clear: we now have the votes to pass immigration reform with… Continue »

As the House of Representatives moves towards its August recess having made little to no progress on immigration reform, the House Republican Conference is equipping its members with a document outlining how House Republicans should navigate the recess. Notably absent from the“Planning Kit” is any discussion of immigration reform beyond a suggested messaging theme of “Reforming… Continue »

Today, Latino Decisions and America’s Voice released the results of a new poll of Latino voters in 24 Republican-held battleground districts.  The poll probed how immigration reform and the two parties’ handling of it in the House could impact key 2014 races. Said Gary Segura, Professor of American Politics and Chair of Chicano/a Studies at Stanford University… Continue »

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: New polling results released today show clear evidence that Latino voters now believe that the anti-immigrant voices in the House are not isolated individuals but that many Republicans in Congress hold these views.  When hearing a quote from Republican Mo Brooks, “There is a surefire way to create jobs now for… Continue »

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions by Adrian Pantoja, Ph.D., Senior Analyst, Latino Decisions on 07/11/2013 It is well documented that anti-Latino rhetoric and policies by Republican candidates since the mid-1990s led Latino voters to abandon the GOP in favor of the Democratic Party (Bowler and Segura 2012). For example, research on California shows promotion of the anti-immigrant Prop 187… Continue »

The day before tomorrow’s House Republican internal meeting on immigration, Latino Decisions, America’s Voice, CHIRLA Action Fund and SEIU outlined the opportunities and challenges House Republicans face as they decide how to move forward this year. Said Professor David Damore, Senior Analyst for Latino Decisions and Associate Professor of Political Science at UNLV: The conventional wisdom… Continue »

Cross-posted at Latino Decisions Despite growing popular support among non-Latinos both nationally and in key swing states in favor of immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship, the conventional wisdom suggests that the bipartisan legislation that recently passed the Senate faces an uphill battle in the Republican controlled House of Representatives.  Many point to… Continue »