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donald trump

ICYMI: Greg Sargent Asks if Trump’s Call for Mass Deportation Will Force Other Republicans to Specify their Stance

As we assessed earlier today in a statement, Donald Trump’s comments to CNN endorsing a vision of mass deportation is as extreme as it is ridiculous.  There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in America.  Two-thirds have lived and worked in America for more than a decade.  Most live in families.  Many own homes.  They are intertwined in families and … Continue reading »

Trump Embraces Mass Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants, Followed by Beauty Pageant-Style Readmission Policy

A “Proposal” as Extreme as it is Unserious; and Yet it’s Remarkably Similar to Scott Walker’s While Donald Trump’s comments on immigrants have been mostly been bluster and bigotry, befitting his frontrunner status, he is now venturing into the realm of immigration policy. It is not pretty. In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash yesterday, Trump … Continue reading »

The GOP Made Donald Trump

Coddling Anti-Immigrant Extremists, The GOP Has Brought Trump Effect Upon Itself By indulging, rather than standing up to, the anti-immigrant and nativist sentiments in its midst, the Republican Party has helped catalyze the rise of Donald Trump.  As we head into the first round of presidential primary debates, the Trump Effect threatens to divide the … Continue reading »

The Trump Effect On The GOP Future

What a week! Trump takes the pole position in the race for the GOP nomination, Republicans in Congress follow Trump’s lead on immigration, Spanish-language media report on it all, and serious Republicans worry about the impact of these remarkable developments on the party’s future. Below we highlight three pieces that capture the zeitgeist: today’s lead editorial from … Continue reading »

Tell the Senate to Dump Donald Trump Style Enforcement-only Policies

Despite the fact that so many companies, celebrities, and individuals have denounced Trump’s anti-immigrant comments, his recent surge in the polls is reenergizing extreme anti-immigrant members of the Republican Party. These anti-immigrant extremists are looking to capitalize on Trump’s momentum by introducing enforcement-only legislation that scapegoat immigrant communities. If Republicans want to get serious about … Continue reading »

While Donald Trump Goes to the Border, the Trump Effect is on Display in Congress

If We Are Going to Have a Debate on Immigration Policy, Let’s Move from Gotcha Politics to Real Solutions While the Donald heads to the border today, the Trump Effect is on display in Washington.  The GOP is following Donald Trump’s lead by staging votes on piecemeal anti-immigrant measures in Congress while blocking a comprehensive solution … Continue reading »

Obama Administration Threatens To Veto HR 3009, The “Donald Trump Act”

In a statement earlier today, the Obama Administration threatened to veto House Resolution 3009, anti-immigrant legislation also known as the Donald Trump Act. “This bill fails to offer comprehensive reforms needed to fix the Nation’s broken immigration laws, undermines current Administration efforts to remove the most dangerous convicted criminals and to work collaboratively with State … Continue reading »

4 Key Border Facts That You Won’t Hear From Donald Trump Or His Fellow Republicans

Donald Trump is driving the Republican immigration policy agenda – and defining the GOP’s brand image to Latino voters in the process.  As Donald Trump heads to the border tomorrow—on a personal invitation from Breitbart and the local Border Patrol no less—we  present a review of actual facts that belie the “out of control border” meme that is an article of … Continue reading »

Pelosi: With “Donald Trump Act,” House GOP “Auditioning To Be Trump’s Immigration ‘Apprentice’”

Rather than taking up a comprehensive approach to finally deal with our broken immigration system, Republicans are rushing piecemeal legislation — being referred to by many as the “Donald Trump Act” — that only seeks to cast immigrant families as criminals. This proposed legislation stems from Congressional Republican leaders bowing to screeching, anti-immigrant voices like Donald … Continue reading »

On Immigration, Republicans In Congress Are Becoming The Party Of Trump

With the House and Senate holding multiple hearings and gearing up to vote on anti-immigrant legislation this week, it’s clear that Republicans in Congress are following the Donald’s lead. Instead of calling up comprehensive immigration reform, a solution favored by three quarters of the American people, Republicans in the House and Senate are rushing to take … Continue reading »