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donald trump

Donald Trump Now Rewriting The Truth After Chickening Out of Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Q&A

Donald Trump is in scrambling revisionist mode after canceling his Q&A with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which was scheduled for later this week. “This is the first time I’m hearing about this,” Trump blabbed to CNN, claiming he never really agreed to make the USHCC appearance in the first place. “I mean, I never … Continue reading »

ICYMI: The Day Donald Trump “Chickened Out”

New La Opinión Editorial:  “He Adds ‘Coward’ to the Many Adjectives That Describe Him” Following Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of a Q&A session with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce this week, the editorial board of the leading Spanish language media outlet, La Opinión, did not miss a beat.  In their latest piece, entitled, … Continue reading »

“Como nación, somos mucho mejor que un país que envía gente de regreso a una zona de guerra”

Frank Sharry reacciona al llamado de Trump a expulsar a todos los refugiados sirios Ayer, mientras hablaba en New Hampshire, el favorito republicano Donald Trump reiteró su apoyo a la inhumana deportación masiva de la década de 1950 conocida como “Operación Espaldas Mojadas”. También encontró nuevos objetivos vulnerables para atacarlos. Trump prometió que, como presidente, buscaría … Continue reading »

Mitt “Self-Deportation” Romney Is Worried About 2016 GOP Candidates’ Embrace Of Anti-Immigrant Politics

After his terrible performance with Latino voters in 2012, Mitt Romney is an expert on how Republicans can mishandle the immigration issue, alienate Latino voters, and destroy the party’s general election chances in the process.  As a result, new comments from Romney criticizing the tone and tenor of the Republican primary season’s focus on immigration should be taken seriously. … Continue reading »

Eva Longoria, Latino Victory Project Call On Latinos To Combat Ugly Rhetoric By Sharing Their Family Stories

Actor and activist Eva Longoria is the latest in a string of high-profile Latinos to fight back against the toxic, anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric from Republican Presidential candidates — and she bringing some back-up, too. The Latino Victory Project co-founder is calling on Latinos and immigrants to submit their personal, family stories for the “Firsts Campaign,” … Continue reading »

“As A Nation, We Are Better Than Sending People Back To A War Zone”

Frank Sharry Reacts to Trump’s Call to Expel All Syrian Refugees Yesterday, while speaking in New Hampshire, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump reiterated his support for the inhumane 1950s mass deportation undertaking known as “Operation Wetback.” He also found new vulnerable targets to attack. Trump pledged that, as president, he would seek to expel all Syrian refugees: … Continue reading »

Trump Embraces “Operation Wetback” As Model For Mass Deportation

Anything but “Humane”  Donald Trump has mostly avoided answering any questions about how he would deport 11 million immigrants from the US. We tried to explain his plan in detail here. But he’s recently made it clear he intends to model it after one of the darkest moments in modern American history. In his recent interview with … Continue reading »

New Polling Of Latinos: Trump Is Hated, The GOP Brand Is Damaged, And Latinos Are Fired Up

NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo Latino Oversample is Bad News for Republicans  A Latino voter oversample of the NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo poll confirms what many suspect: the virulently anti-immigrant campaign of Donald Trump is wildly unpopular among Latinos; the Republican Party’s image and prospects are in serious trouble; and Latinos are highly focused on the election even … Continue reading »

Cartoon Monday: Adios Pope Francis, Hola Donald Trump (Again)

A (sad) dose of reality from cartoonist Jorge Cruz: #Cartoon Pope Francis says bye USA #PopeFrancis #PopeInPhilly #Trump #Trump2016 — Jorge Cruz (@JorgeCruz_Art) September 28, 2015 #Caricatura Papa Francisco se despide de EE.UU. #Francisco #SantoPadre #DonaldTrump #Trump2016 — Jorge Cruz (@JorgeCruz_Art) September 28, 2015

President Trump To Seal Border On Day One

Donald Trump plans to seal the border on day one. Responding to a question submitted via the #AskTrump hashtag, Donald Trump made it clear yesterday that he plans to roll out his anti-immigrant plan during his first day in office. “First thing I’d do in my first day as President is close up our border. … Continue reading »