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As the Nation Prepares to Celebrate the Best of Who We Are, Trump and the GOP Prepare to Denigrate Our Tradition of Welcome

With Demagoguery, Distortions and Wedge Politics, Republicans Embrace Nativism and Trash a Defining Feature of American Identity Today the House of Representatives will vote on two anti-immigrant bills aimed at throwing red meat to the GOP base and attempting to help President Trump change the subject after his stunning healthcare setback. The bills do nothing … Continue reading »

On Heels of Trump Budget Release, Three Questions for DHS Secretary John Kelly at House and Senate Hearings

This Wednesday and Thursday, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly will testify before House and Senate appropriations subcommittees about the Trump Administration’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Request for DHS. On immigration, the Trump budget seeks billions of dollars to expand its mass deportation force and policy, including: $1.6 billion for an unnecessary, offensive, and … Continue reading »

Utah Governor: “Constitutional Concerns” Over Using National Guard As Trump’s Deportation Force

Donald Trump’s first 100 days are coming to a close, and they have been anything but good for his racist and dysfunctional administration. From his dismal approval ratings to back-to-back defeats of his Muslim Ban, Donald Trump continues to inspire Americans across the country to fight back against his toxic and un-American proposals. Last month, … Continue reading »

NYT/WaPo/WSJ Agree: Muslim Ban is Cruel, Unnecessary, and Not About National Security

Yesterday, we assessed that the latest Muslim and refugee ban is still a “cruel, chaotic, and dangerous affront to the principles our country was founded on.” Given that internal DHS analyses undercut the supposed national security rationales for the policies, we noted that the motivations behind the ban traced back to the white nationalist vision embraced … Continue reading »

Trump’s “Revised” Refugee and Muslim Ban Is Still a Refugee and Muslim Ban

In late January, Trump’s Refugee and Muslim generated chaos throughout the nation and international outcry. This ‘new’ ban is a transparent attempt to circumvent court-issued stays on Trump’s original version. Upon review, it’s clear that Trump’s refugee and Muslim ban remains exactly that: still a refugee and Muslim ban. Policy and legal experts gathered today to … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Jennifer Rubin: “The Wall Comes Tumbling Down?”

In a new piece, Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, a conservative opinion writer, juxtaposes President Trump’s policies with a new poll from McClatchy-Marist on the nation’s views on immigration. Spoiler alert: Trump’s policies don’t align with the nation. As Rubin concludes, “Trump seems unable to give up his fixation with immigration. Unfortunately for him and Republicans, … Continue reading »

Trump Says Flat-Out that He Misled Reporters on Immigration: A Guide to Not Getting Duped Next Time

Earlier this week, Donald Trump gave a joint address to Congress, and the pundit response before and after was, frankly, embarrassing. Yesterday, Media Matters and CNN confirmed what we’d all suspected about the whole saga: Trump deliberately misled reporters on immigration before the speech, and he had never truly intended to get moving on immigration reform. … Continue reading »

From One Dreamer To Another: Thank you for your bravery, Astrid Silva

Dear Astrid, How are you holding up after delivering such a fierce and powerful response to Donald Trump’s first Congressional address? I can’t believe the amount excitement, exhaustion, and anxiety that you must be currently experiencing. I know how hard you have worked on behalf of our immigrant community throughout the years, and that speeches … Continue reading »

Trump Is Not Softening on Immigration. Period.

After hours of breathless media speculation that Donald Trump was planning to “soften” his hardline immigration stance,  the President revealed in his address to Congress that his afternoon foray with news anchors was little more than a head fake. In his speech, Trump continued to embrace a cynical strategy of scorched-earth xenophobia. Frank Sharry: “Trump … Continue reading »