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donald trump

Timeline: Trump’s Racial Demagoguery Is Having Dangerous, Real-Life Consquences

Racial demagoguery may be shameless political theater to Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign, but his words are having a dangerous, real-life effect. As Frank Sharry noted earlier, the emergence of white nationalist and neo-Nazi support for Trump shows “he is fostering a climate that demonizes and dehumanizes 55 million Latinos because of the way they … Continue reading »

Latino Catholics Hope Pope’s Pro-Immigrant Message Reaches Trump & GOP Candidates During US Visit

As Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric continues to drive the GOP to the right, the nation’s Latino Catholics are hoping Pope Francis — who has made the plight of migrants a key centerpiece of his Papacy — can help change Washington’s tone. As one immigrant told the Washington Post in a piece focusing on the Pope’s … Continue reading »

The Trump Effect: Threatening the GOP’s General Election Chances Up-and-Down the 2016 Ballot

As Donald Trump consolidates his standing as the Republican presidential frontrunner, there are several new reminders about how his embrace of ugly nativism could harm the Republican Party’s chances of taking back the White House and maintaining control of the Senate in 2016. The Trump Effect: Harming the GOP’s Chances of Retaking the White House … Continue reading »

After Launching Anti-Latino Campaign, Trump Now Sucking Up To One Of Nation’s Leading Latino Groups

After months of antagonizing Latinos and immigrants, Donald Trump is now trying to suck up to one of the nation’s most powerful Latino groups — but they aren’t exactly biting. From Elise Foley: Donald Trump met Tuesday with the president of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to insist he is not anti-Latino, while standing … Continue reading »

Trump & GOP Field Insist on Building Berlin-Style Wall Despite Net Zero Unauthorized Migration

  Eduardo Porter of the New York Times Explains Idiocy of This Approach As Donald Trump continues to steal the immigration spotlight on the campaign trail, Eduardo Porter, Economic Scene reporter for the New York Times, marshals the real facts on immigration.  While Republicans insist on “border security first,” before any immigration reform plans can be enacted, … Continue reading »

More Reminders About the Dangers of Donald Trump

Washington, DC – Across the ideological spectrum, columnists and political observers are coming to the conclusion that Donald Trump is a radical demagogue, advancing noxious and dangerous ideas.  With Trump’s fellow Republican contenders either following the anti-immigrant course Trump has charted or too timid to sufficiently confront and denounce the candidate and his ideas, the … Continue reading »

Entertainer Ricky Martin Slams Trump As “Racist, Absurd, And Above All Incoherent And Ignorant”

Donald Trump’s nativist campaign for President has drawn the ire of one of the world’s most famous Latinos (and American citizen). In an op-ed published by Univision in Spanish and translated by Billboard in English, entertainer Ricky Martin slammed the Trump campaign as “racist” and “xenophobic,” after the leading Republican candidate threw Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of his … Continue reading »

Trump Responds To Support From White Nationalist Groups: “Everybody Likes Me”

In Boston, two Donald Trump fans brutally assault a Latino man, leaving him with a broken nose and covered in their urine. In Iowa, another Trump fan berates US citizen Jorge Ramos on camera, telling the journalist to “get out of my country.” In Alabama, another Trump fan screams “White Power!” during a rally nearly … Continue reading »

Anchored To Intolerance

Editor’s note: This column by Maribel Hastings was originally published in Spanish, which can be viewed here. The Donald Trump circus stopped Friday in Mobile, Alabama to close, with a flourish, a week of mistakes from Republican candidates seeking their party’s nomination and leaving a bad taste for the direction of political discourse in an electoral season … Continue reading »

Trump an Anchor Sinking GOP

No Courage Shown by GOP Field* A major reason why Jorge Ramos’s back and forth with Donald Trump mattered was because he stood up to the bully and didn’t back down. As Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, noted yesterday, Donald Trump doesn’t just have a hard-edged immigration stance.  He is calling for the mass … Continue reading »