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Senator Burr’s Deafening Silence In the Machado Moment

If Burr Won’t Stand Up to Trump Now When Will He? Senator Burr’s silence is deafening as Donald Trump doubles down on his “Machado Moment” and focuses the full energy of his campaign on disgusting, sexist, racist, and bullying attacks against Alicia Machado, a Latina, Miss Universe pageant winner. North Carolinians elected Burr to represent … Continue reading »

The Way Trump is Going after Alicia Machado Speaks Volumes About His Relentless Attacks on Women, Latinos and Immigrants

Below is a new Medium piece by Lynn Tramonte entitled “Alicia Machado Stood Up to a Bully,” followed by a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding Donald Trump’s efforts to smear Alicia Machado. Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, recounts the bravery of Alicia Machado in her battle against Trump’s racist, bigoted attacks. The … Continue reading »

David Damore Of Latino Decisions: Donald Trump’s Attacks On Alicia Machado “Not Only Animating Latinos, But Also Women”

Yesterday, David Damore, a senior analyst with leading polling firm Latino Decisions, joined radio host Michelangelo Signorile on SiriusXM Progress to discuss Donald Trump’s attacks on Alicia Machado and the impact it could have on Latino voters in the election. Machado has spoken out about Trump’s racist and sexist insults dating back to her reign as … Continue reading »

New Tampa Bay Times Piece Gives Voice to DREAMers Betrayed by Senator Marco Rubio

In a new piece for the Tampa Bay Times, Jeremy Wallace puts a spotlight on Florida DREAMers’ disdain for Marco Rubio after years of his flip-flopping on immigration reform. Wallace recounts the trust that immigrants in Florida and around the nation placed in Rubio, trust that peaked as he spearheaded comprehensive immigration reform legislation in 2013, and … Continue reading »

Un artículo de Gabe Ortíz, digno de leerse: “Por todas las ‘Señoritas Empleadas de Limpieza’, entre ellas mi mamá”

Como mencionamos ayer, el enfoque continuo del “Momento Machado” en el primer debate presidencial fue especialmente devastador para Donald Trump, al poner al desnudo su crueldad, racismo y misoginia, además de exhibir ante todos su oscura visión de Estados Unidos. Al reflexionar sobre las implicaciones de esta historia, Gabe Ortíz, de America’s Voice, escribió un artículo digno de … Continue reading »

In Nevada, Thousands Of Voter Registration Forms Are Pouring In Weekly

In the battleground state of Nevada, thousands of voter registration forms are pouring in on a weekly basis from those seeking to vote in time for the 2016 election. From News 3 Las Vegas: “Since the last week of June, we’ve been averaging six or seven thousand registrations weekly for my staff, which is considerable,” … Continue reading »

Editor Of White Supremacist Site: “Virtually Every Alt-Right Nazi I Know Is Volunteering For The Trump Campaign”

Donald Trump “has reenergized white supremacist groups and drawn them into mainstream American politics like nothing seen in decades,” writes the Los Angeles Times in a new profile today. “White nationalist leaders who once shunned presidential races have endorsed Trump, marking the first time some have openly supported a candidate from one of the two … Continue reading »

For All The “Miss Housekeepings” — Including My Mom

Crossposted from Medium. When Donald Trump bullied Alicia Machado as “Miss Housekeeping,” it was meant as so much more than a personal, racist insult. He showed the contempt he has for the immigrant women who support their families as housekeepers and domestic workers, like my mom. When I was a little boy, I kept the … Continue reading »

Donald Trump’s $2M Colorado Ad Buy Won’t Cover Up His Racism

Bad News for Donald Trump: Latinos Will Decide Colorado Election Today, it was announced that Donald Trump is spending an additional 2 million dollars in advertising in Colorado, a traditional battleground state, in attempts to reclaim lost ground. Unfortunately for Trump, the Latino electorate has always played a vital role in deciding Colorado, and in … Continue reading »

“Pepe The Frog” — A Meme Shared By Trump And Trump, Jr. — Identified As Hate Symbol By Anti-Defamation League

“Pepe the Frog” — a meme co-opted by white supremacists and recently shared on social media by both Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump, Jr. — has been declared an anti-Semitic hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League. “Once again, racists and haters have taken a popular internet meme and twisted it for their own purposes … Continue reading »