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Donald Trump

Trump’s Machiavellian plan has scarcely begun

WASHINGTON, DC – If there was still any doubt about how emboldened Donald Trump is since presumably being “exonerated” of collusion in the Russian plot, consider the various examples from the past days and hours: he threatened to “close” the border with Mexico over the humanitarian crisis that he himself created and exacerbated with his … Continue reading »

Donald Trump’s Message of Division and Hate Goes Global

Following the white nationalist terror attack in New Zealand, President Trump offered another wholly insufficient and inappropriate response. He not only failed to denounce the world-wide white nationalist terror threat, he doubled-down at his Oval Office press op by surrounding himself with families of people murdered by immigrants to veto legislation to block his constitutional … Continue reading »

Three Reminders Why Trump’s Xenophobia is On a Losing Streak

Yesterday’s Senate Rebuke the Latest Reminder That “He’s a Weak President with Little to Run On in 2020 Besides Spreading Lies, Stoking Fear and Exploiting Racial Grievance” Yesterday’s Senate vote was a bipartisan rebuke of President Trump – underscoring, as Frank Sharry noted, that he is a “weak president with little to run on in … Continue reading »

Trump Lies, Republicans Coddle Him and Most Americans Are Turning on Him and Tuning Him Out

From El Paso to Bedminster to Congressional Negotiations, Trump Would Rather Spew Lies than Speak the Truth As President Trump heads to El Paso for a MAGA rally to energize flagging support for his border wall, the reality for the President and the Republican Party is clear: the more Trump talks about his wall and … Continue reading »

Glenn Kessler at WaPo: Fact Checking Trump’s Holiday Tweet Spree

Spoiler alert: everything he says is a lie Over the holidays, cooped up in the White House, Trump took to Twitter to express himself on the government shutdown over border wall funding. Glenn Kessler, fact-checker at the Washington Post, takes Trump’s lies and distortions apart, one by one. Excerpts are below with the full article … Continue reading »

Victorina Morales Continues to Stand Up to the Most Powerful Man in America to Reveal Her Truth

“Trump’s Housekeeper Airs His Dirty Laundry” After years of enduring humiliation as a worker at President Trump’s Bedminster property, Victorina Morales was invited to share her story on The Daily, the popular New York Times podcast. Ms. Morales explains, in an interview entitled “Undocumented and Working to Trump,” how Trump’s demonization of immigrants ultimately led … Continue reading »

The Growing Hypocrisy of the Trump Administration on Immigration Exposed

Trump’s hypocrisy, and the fallacy of the Trump and nativist worldview towards immigrants, are being exposed at his own golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. America relies on immigrants’ contributions and hard work, and yet Trump and his administration continue to target the immigrant community in a hypocritical manner. As Alan Gomez reported in an … Continue reading »

Two More Undocumented Employees Come Forward Alleging Abuse and Mistreatment At The Trump Bedminster Golf Club

Federal and state authorities must investigate the serious allegations being made. Pending an investigation, the undocumented workers should be considered for all available legal protection under federal and state law, including U and T visas Late Friday evening the New York Times reported that two more immigrant women who worked for Trump at the Bedminster … Continue reading »