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Mother Jones Series Takes an In-Depth Look at “the Self-Deportation Movement”

Mother Jones has an excellent series exploring the different aspects of issue of the immigration issue. The first article, by Paul Reyes, is titled, “‘It’s Just Not Right’: The Failures of Alabama’s Self-Deportation Experiment.” The magazine also exposes the inner-workings of those agitators in articles about Kris Kobach and another on the broader anti-immigrant network.

Anti-Immigrant Laws in Alabama, Georgia Lead to Labor Shortages, Farmer Uncertainty About Crops

“This is a jobs bill,” they said. “This is a jobs-creation bill for Americans,” they said. Such were the arguments that Alabama Senator Scott Beason (R) and Rep. Micky Hammon (R) made last year before passing their notoriously anti-immigrant state law, HB 56.

'Enforcement-only' immigrant efforts could hurt Iowa economy, especially farming, say leaders

Iowa business, community, faith and law enforcement leaders today warned that “enforcement-only” approaches to immigration could hurt the state and national economies, especially agriculture. “Welcoming immigrants is crucial for our economy in Iowa,” said Tom Hughes, president of the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association.