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AgJOBS and Farm Workers

'Enforcement-only' immigrant efforts could hurt Iowa economy, especially farming, say leaders

Iowa business, community, faith and law enforcement leaders today warned that “enforcement-only” approaches to immigration could hurt the state and national economies, especially agriculture. “Welcoming immigrants is crucial for our economy in Iowa,” said Tom Hughes, president of the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association.

Immigration law: Farmers skeptical as leaders pitch possible labor alternatives

The winter has brought a temporary lull in the farm labor shortage caused by Alabama’s tough immigration law, but the clock is ticking fast. John McMillan, the commissioner of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries presided today over a conference designed to help farmers find workers for their fields.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam Warns Against Anti-Immigration Policies

Yesterday, former Republican congressman and current Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam criticized the harsh anti-immigration laws passed in neighboring states Alabama and Georgia, pointing out that the laws are already having real economic consequences and arguing that Florida show not follow this path.

NBC’s Rock Center on the “Huge Controversy” in Alabama Caused by HB 56

Last night, on NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” reporter Kate Snow did a segment on what Williams called the “huge controversy” in Alabama caused by the passage of HB 56. Snow’s report showed the dire impacts of HB 56 on Alabama’s Latino families and the state’s farmers.

With migrant workers scared off by immigration crackdown, Wash. orchards desperate for pickers

Apple growers say they could have had one of their best years ever if a shortage of workers hadn’t forced them to leave some fruit on trees. Growers in Washington state, which produces about half of the nation’s apples, say the labor shortage was made worse by a late start to their harvest.