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Another Loss for Trump: 4th Circuit Says Trump’s Muslim Ban Unconstitutional

Is Trump tired of winning yet? The 4th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals announced its ruling on Trump’s Muslim ban today, writing that the ban “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.” The ruling actually addresses Trump’s second Muslim ban, the revised version that was announced in March and targeted six countries. As in … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News May 25, 2017 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice Trump’s Mass Deportation Policy Inspires Vigilantism and Violence Calling Out Secretary Kelly on ICE’s Real Targets and Tactics  4th Circuit: Trump’s Muslim Ban Still Unconstitutional Immigration Polling Snapshot – with focus on IN, MO, MT, ND, OH, and PA Top Stories Today New York Times Trump Budget Takes Broad Aim at Undocumented Immigrants … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News May 24, 2017 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice ICYMI: USCIS Director Nominee Lee Francis Cissna’s Long Held Anti-Immigrant Views El ‘delito’ de hablar español en un país de inmigrantes English Wall Street Journal Trump Administration Proposes Tougher Line on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Over Detainer Requests By Laura Meckler May 23, 2017 Houston Chronicle Border chief says ‘the message is out’ and crossers … Continue reading »

Faith Leaders, Haitian TPS Holders, Advocates Disappointed that TPS for Haitians Extended for Only Six Months

Urge DHS Secretary Kelly to extend protections for Haitians in the United States beyond January 2018 A recording of today’s call is available here. Today, faith leaders, Haitian TPS holders, and advocates expressed concern about the Department of Homeland Security’s Secretary Kelly’s announcement yesterday to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians in the United … Continue reading »

Haitian TPS Renewed for 6 Months, Advocates Explain Why It’s Not Enough

Yesterday, DHS Secretary John Kelly announced a 6-month extension of temporary protected status for Haitians living in the US, which means that some 50,000 Haitians will be able to stay in the United States until at least January 2018. It was the right move, and a testament to the people power that has relentlessly pressured … Continue reading »

Sessions Capitulates on Defunding Sanctuary Cities On Monday, and then Launches a Sneak Attack on Tuesday

Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions seemed to back down on his crusade to defund so-called “sanctuary cities” — jurisdictions that prioritize public safety for all, rather than deportation for all. In effect, he capitulated to a San Francisco court order and admitted that his threats to defund such cities were toothless. Here’s why: 1) the current … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News May 23, 2017 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice America’s Voice Hires Texas State Director Mario Carrillo to Fight Anti-Immigrant Laws and Policies On Heels of Trump Budget Release, Three Questions for DHS Secretary John Kelly at House and Senate Hearings America’s Voice Education Fund Comments on Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing: “Building America’s Trust Through Border Security” Sessions Capitulates on Defunding So-called … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News May 22, 2017 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice “Silent Raids” Across America: ICE Turning Routine Check-ins Into Deportations ¿Quiénes serán los verdaderos “bad hombres”? “Redadas silenciosas” en todo el país; ICE convierte las citas de rutina en deportaciones English Homeland Security Today Out Of 40,000 Illegals Arrested By ICE Since January, 75 Percent Are Convicted Criminals May 18, 2017 Associated Press … Continue reading »

This Week in Texas: Lawsuits Filed, “Summer of Resistance” Announced While Abbott Fails At Spin

Here’s a roundup of what happened in this week in Texas and the resistance to SB 4: Gov. Greg Abbott’s claims that Hispanics have nothing to fear from SB 4 are rebuked This week, Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott tried to argue that people who haven’t done anything wrong have nothing to fear from SB 4: … Continue reading »

Famously Vengeful Trump Presides Over Policy of Immigration Retaliation

From Massachusetts this week comes the story of Jose Flores, a 37-year-old construction worker who is now in immigrant detention after he dared to ask his employer for workers’ compensation. His case may be the latest example of how the Trump Administration practices immigration retaliation. Jose Flores, detained after asking for workers’ comp Jose has been … Continue reading »