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Members of the 118th Congress Are Amplifying a White Nationalist Conspiracy About a So-Called Migrant “Invasion” in Their Official Capacity

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Several members of the 118th Congress have used their platforms and power to amplify a white nationalist conspiracy about a so-called migrant “invasion.” This dehumanizing rhetoric claims that migrants and asylum seekers at the border constitute a literal military-style invasion of the United States. Often this rhetoric cites a debunked Constitutional claim for asserting that the conspiracy theory has the actual force of law.

  • America’s Voice has identified 34 Members of the 118th Congress employing this rhetoric in their official capacity 90 times.
  • Seven pieces of legislation that employ the “invasion” conspiracy theory have been introduced in the 118th Congress. 47 different members have co-sponsored at least one of these pieces of legislation. On June 22, 2023, by a vote of 219 – 208, the House voted to refer H.Res.503, the Biden impeachment resolution sponsored by Rep. Lauren Boebert, to the Committees even as it relied on the “invasion” conspiracy theory. All Republicans present voted yes, while all Democrats present voted no.

This “invasion” rhetoric is inexorably tied to the “great replacement theory” and multiple domestic terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of dozens of Americans over the last several years.

This invasion and replacement conspiracy has repeatedly been the motivating inspiration for repeated acts of political violence and domestic terrorism. It was chanted in the streets of Charlottesville in 2017, posted online before a man murdered 11 in Pittsburgh in 2018, shared in racist screeds before the murder of one in Poway and the murder of 23 in El Paso in 2019, believed by those who attacked the Capitol in 2021, and copied by the gunman who killed ten people in Buffalo in May of 2022.

Dr. Heidi Beirich, Co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, draws a direct connection between the rhetoric and the violence. “When migrants are described as invaders, that leads to violence,” she said, “Because how else does one stop an invasion?”

In 2019, then GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy removed then Rep. Steve King (R-IA) from his committee assignments because of his use of white nationalist language. Now, it’s routine messaging for members of key committees, but there is silence from Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Outlined below is a running list of examples of the 118th Congress referring to peaceful migrants and asylum seekers as “invaders” or as an “invasion” in hearings, on the floor or official press releases.


  • February 1: Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) in a House Judiciary Committee Hearing said “it’s  just the most recent wave of an invasion that is being aided and abetted by liberal activists who believe that subverting United States law is the best way to achieve their radical policy objective”
  • February 1: Rep. Troy Nehls (TX-22) in a House Judiciary Committee hearing said “you stated there is no invasion of migrants in our community nor are there hordes of undocumented immigrants committing crimes against citizens.”
  • February 1: Rep. Lance Gooden (TX-05) in a House Judiciary Committee Hearing “you said there is no invasion of migrants in our country saying as such continues a false racist narrative…I would advise you to watch your words and be careful when you’re talking about people like Mr Dunn who are voicing a very serious issue migrants are absolutely invading this country”
  • February 1: Rep. Jeff Van Drew (NJ-02) in a House Judiciary Committee Hearing said, “you stated there is no invasion… I would like to ask you this question do you believe that these illegal migrants are coming into our communities harming the American citizens…”
  • February 1: Rep. Ben Cline (VA-06) in the House Judiciary hearing argued against Judge Samaniego about his “testimony [that] there’s no invasion of migrants…how is that not the case?”
  • February 1: Rep. Wesley Hunt (TX-38) in a House Judiciary Committee Hearing said argues against Judge Samaniego “you did say that there’s no Invasion here…I would say five million people constitutes a large number or things and I would say enough fentanyl imported to our country to kill the American five times is is a thing I would consider that to be the direct definition of the word invasion”
  • February 1: Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) in second round of questioning in a House Judiciary Committee Hearing said, “there’s no invasion of migrants…how is that not the case”
  • February 7: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) in a House Oversight Hearing, said, “we want you to have a wall as one of the toolkits in your box to stop the illegal invasion into our country…”
  • February 7: Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ-09) in a House Oversight Hearing said “the border patrol seated here in front of us with the tools they need to stem the invasion of illegal aliens”
  • February 7: Lauren Boebert (CO-03) in a House Oversight Hearing said, “truth is that there is an invasion happening at our southern border…”
  • February 16: Rep. Rick Allen (GA-12) in a House Energy and Commerce Committee said, “our nation is being invaded”
  • February 24: Rep. Troy Nehls (TX-22) in a House Judiciary Committee hearing, said, “there is an invasion clause folks, Article 4 Section 4…”
  • February 28: Rep. Brecheen (OK-02) in a House Homeland Security Committee hearing “Do you think there is an invasion on our southern border?”
  • March 15: Rep. Dale Strong (AL-05) in a House Homeland Committee hearing said,  “Our country is under attack, America is being invaded, no American is safe. This invasion is not a democratic issue, it is not a republican issue, it is an American issue.”
  • March 15: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) in a House Homeland Committee Hearing said, “in your opinion each of you what are the policy changes that have happened  to contribute to this invasion of our country?”
  • March 28: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) in a House Homeland Security Committee Hearing said, “It seems that Canada wants to participate in in Mexico’s invasion of the United States…”
  • March 28: Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-16) in a House  Homeland Security Subcommittee said,  “If they [unauthorized migrants] were wearing the uniform of a foreign country, we would think we were being invaded”
  • April 19: Rep. Clay Higgins (LA-04) in a House Homeland Security Committee “you Mr. Secretary have failed in your sworn oath to protect our nation from invasion”
  • June 6: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) in a House Homeland Committee Hearing said, “now that we have an app to organize the illegal invasion into America so that everyone gets accepted and gets…”
  • June 6: Rep. Bob Good (VA-05) in a  House Ed and Workforce committee “Article 4 Sec. 4 of the Constitution provides each state to protect against an invasion”
  • July 12: Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-05) in the House Financial Services Committee said, “we have as many things going on in this country, an invasion at the border, we’ve got crime.”
  • July 18: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) in a House Homeland Security Committee Hearing said, “are they actually interested in building a legitimate wall that will stop the invasion into the United States”.
  • July 18: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) in a House Homeland Security Committee Hearing said, “CBP one app is now allowing the orderly invasion of 1500 illegal aliens per day into our country…orderly invasion sending people to ports”.
  • July 18: Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-08) in a House Homeland Security Committee Hearing asked the witness, “why should you be subjected to that kind of invasion across your private property?”
  • July 26: Rep. Eli Crane (AZ-02) in a House Homeland Security Committee Hearing said, “why we have this complete invasion at our southern border”.

From the Floor of Congress: 

  • Rep. Dale Strong (AL-05) 5/10/23 – “Title 42 is set to end tomorrow and is set to bring not a surge but an invasion”
  • Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-05) 5/10/23 – “the invasion that has happened at our southern border”
  • Rep. Tim Burchett (TN-02) 5/11/23 – “Americans are sick and tired seeing the Biden Administration spend millions of their taxpayer dollars to see an invasion of our southern border.”
  • Rep. Tom McClintock (CA-05) 5/11/23 – “This was only a prelude to the mass invasion unfolding before our eyes.”
  • Rep. Troy Nehls (TX-22) 5/11/23 – “Over 5 million illegal aliens have invaded our country”
  • Rep. Nathaniel Moran (TX-01) 5/11/23 – “There is no will, no resolve, and no determination by the administration to stop this invasion.”
  • Rep. Debbie Lesko (AZ-08) 5/11/23 – “I have been to the border, and there is absolutely an invasion”
  • Rep. Bob Good (VA-05) 6/22/23 -“we are having some 300,000 illegals invade the country on a monthly basis.”
  • Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO-03) 6/22/23 – “allowing an invasion to take place across our southern border”
  • Rep. Eli Crane (AZ-02) 6/22/23 “its an out right invasion”
  • Rep. Bob Good (VA-05) 6/22/23 “what more investigation is needed for the border invasion”
  • Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-06) 6/22/23 “tell that to the victims of this border crossing invasion”
  • Rep. Andy Ogles (TN-05) 6/22/23 ”policies have led to an all out land invasion of our southern border”
  • Rep. Andy Ogles (TN-05) 6/13/23 “Joe and Kamala Harris have allowed an invasion at our southern border”
  • Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO-3) 6/20/23 – “President Biden has facilitated a complete and total invasion of the southern border
  • Sen. John Thune (SD) 3/28/23 – “The United States guarantees to every state in this union a republican government and shall protect each of them against invasion. So how do we do that…the answer can be summed up into one word, Mr. President. Strength…commitments to border security…enforcement of our immigration laws is an essential part of keeping our nation secure.”

“Invasion” Legislation

  • H.R.2737 – Stop the Invasion Act
  • H.Res.50 – Recognizing that article I, section 10 of the United States Constitution explicitly reserves to the States the sovereign power to repel an invasion and defend their citizenry from the overwhelming and “imminent danger” posed by paramilitary, narco-terrorist cartels, terrorists and criminal actors who have seized control of our southern border.
  • H.Res.426 – Impeaching Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors, culminating in his failure to protect the States from foreign invasion as is his duty under the Constitution.
    • Sponsor: Bill Posey (R- FL)
    • 1 Co-sponsor: Jefferson Van Drew (R- NJ)
  • H.R.552 – No Tax Dollars for the United Nation’s Immigration Invasion Act
  • H.Res.470 – Impeaching Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, for high crimes and misdemeanors.
    • Sponsor: Rep Clay Higgins (R-LA)
    • 1 Co-sponsor: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)
    • Cites Section 4 of Article IV of the Constitution re: the federal govt protecting individual states against invasion
    • “Secretary Mayorkas’ actions and inactions, in his capacity as an executive officer of the United States, have caused a loss of any sane or objective assessment of “operational control” of the United States-Mexico border, resulting in the most significant border invasion in our Nation’s history concerning persons and illicit drugs.”
    • “Secretary Mayorkas’ willful dereliction of his oath and constitutional obligation to protect the United States and their citizenry from the invasion of illegal aliens and illegal drugs, including illicit fentanyl, warrants his removal from the Office of Secretary of Homeland Security.”
  • H.Res.503 – Impeaching Joseph R. Biden, Jr., President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.
    • Sponsor: Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO)
    • 4 Co-sponsors: Matt Gaetz, Elijah Crane, Andy Biggs, Cory Mills
    • “President Biden has intentionally facilitated a complete and total invasion at the southern border. “
  • H.Res.494 – Impeaching Kamala Devi Harris, Vice President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.
    • Sponsor: Rep Andrew Ogles (R-TN)
    • 2 Co-Sponsors: Mary Miller, Lauren Boebert
    • “In permitting an invasion of illegal aliens and illicit drugs into the United States, as well as facilitating the extenuation of a major humanitarian crisis, Vice President Kamala Devi Harris has directly betrayed the public trust of the United States, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.”

Official Press Releases and Newsletters

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14)
    • 1/25/23 – Press release: “Our Southern border is being invaded by millions of illegal aliens, criminals, and potential terrorists.”
    • 2/23/23 – Press release: “President Trump’s border wall would have cost only $22 billion to stop the more than 6 million aliens that have invaded our country illegally since Biden took office. The 82,000 Russians invading Ukraine pales in comparison.”
    • 2/25/23 Newsletter: “Congress has given $113 billion of Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars to fund a proxy war in Ukraine in just over one year, but they couldn’t manage to cough up a fraction of that to fund President Trump’s border wall. That wall would have helped to keep Americans safe from the invasion of 6 million illegal aliens at our southern border.”
    • 5/22/23 Press release: “Since assuming office, Secretary Mayorkas has aided and abetted the complete invasion of our country by deliberately flooding our nation with drugs, terrorists, and illegal aliens.”
    • 6/7/23 Press release: “Secretary Mayorkas has aided and abetted the invasion of our country, deliberately flooding it with drugs, terrorists, and illegal immigrants from over 160 countries.
    • 7/24/23 Newsletter: “”important hearings on the state of our Southern border and the invasion of our country by illegal aliens and lethal drugs like fentanyl.”
  • Chuck Edwards (NC-11)
    • 2/17/23 – Press release: “Biden also made it clear that there is no plan to stop the invasion at the southern border. As illegal migrants and drugs continue to pour into our country daily, the Biden administration has turned every town into a border town and refuses to acknowledge how his administration’s lack of action endangers American lives and threatens our national security.”
  • Josh Brecheen (OK-02)
    • 4/6/23 – Press release: “We have an invasion at our Southern border and unfortunately, under this Administration, illegal immigration has become normalized and even institutionalized.”
  • Andy Ogles (TN-05)
    • 4/20/23 – Press release: “The policies of the Biden Administration have led to an all-out land invasion at our Southern border. “
    • 6/12/23 – Press release: “She has allowed the land invasion at our southern border to continue unchecked, threatening the livelihoods of millions and the lives of thousands who have been murdered at the hands of illegal aliens and died from illicit fentanyl,”
  • Jodey Arrington (TX-19)
    • 5/16/23: Newsletter/News Update “The Constitution is clear. If the federal government fails to repel an invasion, of drugs in this case in my opinion, enabled by the drug cartels, they have the right to enforce the laws, to detain, and to secure the border.”
  • Lauren Boebert (CO-03)
    • 5/16/23: Newsletter:“On the same day that Joe Biden actively made his border crisis worse by ending the enforcement of Title 42, House Republicans passed H.R. 2, a comprehensive border security bill that I cosponsored to provide real border security and end this invasion.”
    • 6/13/23 Press release: “Congresswoman Lauren Boebert stated, ‘Joe Biden unconstitutionally violated his duty under Article II of the Constitution to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed’ by intentionally disregarding our immigration laws and enabling an invasion along our southern border.’”
  • Bob Good (VA-05)
    • 1/9/23 – Press release: “Yesterday, President Joe Biden finally visited the southern border for the first time after spending the first two years of his presidency ignoring the border invasion.”
  • Rep. Barry Moore (AL-02)
    • 1/6/23 – Press release: “we have an invasion on [our] southern border”
  • House Judiciary Committee
    • 2/24/23 – Press release: quoting Rep. Matt Gaetz “Yet here in Yuma, Arizona, we see a community on the frontlines of an invasion.”
  • Andy Biggs (AZ-05)
    • 2/1/23 – Press release: “Secretary Mayorkas is the chief architect of the migration and drug invasion at our southern border.”
  • Paul Gosar (AZ-09)
    • 7/8/23 Newsletter: “The American military has one constitutional job:  Protect our borders and stop any invasion of the United States.”
    • 6/25/23 Newsletter: “Biden’s Border Invasion Continues: 204,000 Illegals Cross Border in May”
    • 6/4/23 Newsletter: “Congress must authorize states to act because the Biden Administration has refused to enforce our nation’s federal immigration laws amid a historic invasion.”
    • 5/11/23 Press release: “My home state of Arizona is getting pummeled by the flood of invading illegals.  I have visited the border countless times.  I have witnessed firsthand the destruction caused by this lawlessness.”
    • 4/30/23 Newsletter: “The border is open and people who literally cross a well-marked border are welcomed here by Biden, and Biden uses our tax money – not appropriated by Congress, to house, feed, provide medical care, transportation and monthly welfare to illegal aliens: over six million and counting.  We have a literal invasion of our country and our military, whose sole job it is to protect our borders, remains uninvolved here but is gung-ho to start a world war in Ukraine.”
    • 4/23/23 Newsletter: “Stop the Invasion! Speaking of fixing the problem, this week I cosponsored H.R. 2737, the Stop the Invasion Act.  This legislation directs the President to suspend the entry of aliens who are in the United States without being admitted or paroled or don’t possess relevant travel paperwork from entering the United States if the average number of illegal alien apprehensions by CBP exceeds 30,000 over the most recent 12-month period.  As I noted earlier, for 25 straight months, Joe Biden has welcomed at least 150,000 lawbreakers into our country.  We’ve seen the crisis that the Biden regime’s open border policy has had on the interests of the American people.  The Stop the Invasion Act is a step in the right direction toward fixing this emergency.”
    • 4/2/23 Newsletter: “Our southern border is being invaded by millions of lawbreakers, consuming resources to the tune of billions per year.”
    • 3/31/23 Press release: “More importantly, back home our country is quite literally falling apart.  We have failing infrastructure, including rail lines, that need immediate attention.  Rampant crime and homelessness are pervading our cities.  The fentanyl crisis is crushing families and communities.  Our southern border is being invaded by millions of lawbreakers, consuming resources to the tune of billions per year.”
    • 2/26/23 Newsletter: “They described the devastating impact the invasion is having on our besieged community.”
    • 2/12/23 Newsletter: “Crime is up almost everywhere, our southern border is being invaded…”
    • 2/7/23 Newsletter: “Biden has, without the consent of Congress, engaged in war against Russia and has used more than $100 billion in tax money to fund the Ukrainian government to protect its borders while our border remains open with over six million invaders since Biden assumed office.”
    • 1/29/23 Newsletter: “I continue to maintain that our own borders remain open.  Almost six million illegal aliens have invaded our country in the last two years.   Fewer than 100,000 Russians invaded Ukraine, and we jump to action and spend $100 billion to defend its borders. Meanwhile we do nothing to stop the invasion here.”
    • 1/10/23 Press release: from the Congressman’s Office “We don’t need more IRS agents pestering our citizens, instead we need 87,000 more Border Patrol Agents fighting the invasion along our southern border,”
    • 1/22/23 Newsletter: “I further look forward to restoring government accountability that has been absent under the Biden regime and it begins with investigating Joe Biden’s support for an invasion along the southern border in which my district is ground zero.”
    • 1/15/23 Newsletter: “I have been clear for a year.  I oppose spending even one of your tax dollars to protect Ukraine borders while we are overrun with over five million illegal aliens invading our unsecured border in just two years.”
    • 1/1/23 Newsletter: “Our border remains open with record levels of illegal aliens invading our country.”
  • Matt Rosendale (MT-02)
    • 5/11/23 Press release: “With Title 42 expiring, we must put strong policies in place to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants…”
  • Bob Good (VA-05)
    • 2/9/23 Press release: “President Joe Biden has purposefully facilitated an invasion of 6 million illegal aliens, surrendered operational control of our border to the Mexican crime cartels, and compromised the safety and security of all Americans”
    • 1/9/23 Press release: “Yesterday, President Joe Biden finally visited the southern border for the first time after spending the first two years of his presidency ignoring the border invasion.”
  • Brian Babin (TX-36)
    • 5/21/23 Newsletter: “We’re Being Invaded: More than 6 million illegals have crossed our southern border under Biden’s neglectful watch. That’s more than the populations of 31 different states. If this isn’t an invasion – what is?!”
    • 2/19/23 Newsletter: “Biden’s State of the Union fence cost taxpayers $872,000, yet he can’t find a dime to build a wall to protect our nation from the invasion taking place at our southern border.”
  • Lance Gooden (TX-05)
    • 1/26/23 Press Release: “The United Nations is using our own tax dollars against us, and U.S. policymakers can no longer stand by while elites in the U.N. and Davos actively finance an invasion of our sovereign territory. It’s time to say enough and cut off funding to these corrupt globalist institutions until respect for our territorial integrity and appreciation for our generosity is restored.”
    • 5/19/23 Newsletter: “Southern Invasion Imminent?”
  • Dale Strong (AL-05)
    • 1/19/23 Newsletter: “No matter where I went through North Alabama, people are concerned about the southern border. Whether it’s 8 million to 10 million illegal aliens that have come into our country. We’re being invaded.”
  • Wesley Hunt (TX-38)
    • 5/18/23 Press release: “From the many conversations I have had with law enforcement across the U.S., specifically in my home state of Texas, what I have learned is that they are dealing with a massive surge in violence and crime brought on by Joe Biden’s border invasion, illegal narcotics on our streets, and criminal activity courtesy of the Mexican drug cartels.”
  • Ben Cline (VA-06)
    • 5/14/23 Newsletter: “Stopping the Invasion of America’s Borders”
  • Senate Republicans
    • 5/15/23 Press Release: “Joe Biden has no idea how bad the invasion along the Southern Border really is. During a weekend bike ride 2,000 miles away from the Southern Border, Biden claimed it wasn’t that bad. In reality, border patrol agents saw more than 11,000 illegal crossings in the days immediately following the end of Title 42.”
  • Ted Cruz (Sen TX)
    • 5/12/23 Newsletter: “Over 10,000 illegal aliens flow in daily, and that number will only grow with the expiration of Title 42. President Biden has opened our border without regard for the consequences, and we are experiencing an invasion.”
    • 5/15/23 Press Release: ““There is a full-on invasion that is unfolding. We’ve seen for two-and-a-half years, the worst illegal immigration in history – six-and-a-half million people crossing illegally.”
  • John Barrasso (Sen WY)
    • 5/11/23 Press Release: “I’ve been to the border many times. It is now worse than ever before. With rolling back Title 42, the president is essentially sending engraved invitations saying, ‘Come to America.’ It’s a catastrophe. The caravans are lining up at the border, and it is going to be an invasion like we have never seen in the history of this country.”
  • Bill Hagerty (Sen TN)
    • 5/10/23 Press Release: “With the end of Title 42, even the Biden Administration is openly preparing for an already-record-breaking crisis to get far worse by sending 1,500 active duty troops to the southern border—it’s an admission of the impending invasion.”

Media Published on house.gov webpage

  • Matt Gaetz (FL-01)
    • 6/28/23 Video: “Forgotten Invasion: Illegal Migrants Devastating Florida”

Beyond their official capacity these Members of Congress are regularly amplifying “invasion” and “replacement” conspiracies  in the media and online.  Here are a few additional compilations of the receipts of Members of Congress amplifying these deadly conspiracy theories: