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John Kelly Ordered ICE to Portray Immigrants as Criminals in Order to Justify Raids

All year, Donald Trump’s mass deportation force has been rounding up tens of thousands of immigrant mothers and fathers who have committed no crimes. Now, it turns out former DHS chief John Kelly was behind an effort to plant a false narrative to justify their arrests. The evidence is laid about in a piece by … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News October 17, 2017 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

English ThinkProgress After DACA’s demise, immigration advocates are hopeful for permanent legislation By Esther Lee October 16, 2017 Washington Post ‘Insanely worried’: Students and colleges urge Congress to protect ‘dreamers’ By Nick Anderson October 16, 2017 The Hill Trump doubles down on tough immigration proposals By Rafael Bernal October 16, 2017 Axios Bipartisan leaders launch … Continue reading »

Trump Administration Wants to Implement “Performance Metrics” for Immigration Judges

The Trump Administration wants to “establish performance metrics for immigration judges”, reported the Washington Post yesterday, an idea which advocates say might threaten judicial independence and lead to worse outcomes for immigrants and families in deportation cases. The proposal consists of six words tucked into Donald Trump’s “immigration principles”, released last Sunday night, in which … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News October 13, 2017 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice Trump to Extend DACA Beyond March 5? Not Happening ICYMI: Former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano Calls for Dreamer Protection ICYMI: University of Cincinnati student feels like a pawn Trump Administration Wants to Implement “Performance Metrics” for Immigration Judges ¿Trump ampliará DACA más allá del 5 de marzo? No va a ocurrir English New … Continue reading »

Ed Gillespie’s Campaign in Virginia Shows How Republicans Have Embraced Racism

Ed Gillespie, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia this year, has been running an ugly, race-based, fear-mongering campaign that demonizes immigrants and throws around nonsensical threats about MS 13. It’’s an ugly embrace of Trump’s tactics and if he wins, Republicans should brace themselves for a whole new crop of crazy in their candidates for … Continue reading »

Trump Nominates Kelly Deputy Kirstjen Nielsen; Will She Be Another Rubber Stamp for Trump?

Today, Donald Trump nominated Kirstjen Nielsen to be the new secretary of Homeland Security, a position that would oversee immigration, deportations, and the unwinding of DACA — in addition to counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, disaster relief, and other significant domestic policy spheres. Nielsen was former chief John Kelly’s deputy when he was at DHS, and helps manage … Continue reading »

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