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Is The Jig Finally Up For Marco Rubio?

For a while, we’ve been tracking Marco Rubio’s slide to the extreme right on immigration, artfully camouflaged by consultant-crafted soundbites. Once upon a time the courageous supporter of a path to citizenship — even getting himself declared “The Republican Savior” by TIME — Rubio backtracked on his own bill barely two years later when he … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, February 8, 2016

English (en español al final de la página): Huffington Post: John Kasich: Deporting Parents Is Not In Line With The Values Americans Believe In By Elise Foley New York Times: Donald Trump Says He Brought Immigration Issue Into Focus By Jeremy Peters Politico: Rubio doesn’t list immigration reform among his accomplishments By Eliza Collins The … Continue reading »

Days Before Pope Francis Visits Mexico, Group Places #ImmigrantLivesMatter Sign On Border Fence

Days from Pope Francis’s visit to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, members from Border Network For Human Right have placed a #ImmigrantLivesMatter sign on a portion of the border fence between El Paso and Juarez. The Pontiff will hold mass in the border city on February 18th — the last full day of his highly-anticipated return to the Americas … Continue reading »

Immigration Makes A Brief Appearance At #DemDebate, Sorta

Thanks in large part to the Trump Effect, Republican candidates for President are guaranteed to spend significant portions of every debate seeing who can out-anti-immigrant who. Meanwhile, immigration activists were frustrated that the topic didn’t come up during last night’s Democratic debate on MSNBC until the final few minutes — and the responses weren’t exactly … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, February 5, 2016

English (en español al final de la página): New York Times: Donald Trump’s Immigration Message May Resound in New Hampshire By Maggie Haberman Buzzfeed News: Sanders, Clinton Dodge Question On Whether Immigration Is First White House Priority By Adrian Carrasquillo Buzzfeed News: 9 Immigration Questions That Sanders And Clinton Haven’t Been Asked In The Democratic … Continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Group: Central American Children Fleeing Violence Want To “Colonize New Criminal Territory In The US”

Does the name “CIS” ring an anti-immigrant bell? The group, created by white nationalist John Tanton, is probably best known for handcrafting the notorious “self-deportation” strategy that helped tank Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential bid among Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters. Congressional Republicans, having not learned any lessons from their 2012 presidential level shellacking, once again invited … Continue reading »

Immigration Local and State Report: Florida, Georgia, New York, New Mexico

Earlier this week we witnessed how immigration unfolded as a key issue throughout the Iowa Caucus. As immigration remains as one of the most prominent topics at the national level, particularly within the 2016 election cycle, states are also trying to enact legislation that will undoubtedly impact immigrant communities. Here s a breakdown of what … Continue reading »

House Republicans Form Task Force To Challenge “Executive Overreach” From Obama — And Steve King Is In Charge Of It

Republicans are forming a task force to challenge so-called “executive overreach” from President Obama — and it’ll be chaired by none other than Iowa’s Rep. Steve King. The GOP-controlled House Judiciary Committee approved the task force to challenge the President exercising his executive authority on gun control (which Republicans refused to take up legislatively) and … Continue reading »

Activist Cesar Vargas Becomes First DACA Recipient To Be Sworn In As An Attorney In New York

Cesar Vargas, a leading immigration activist who is now helping shape the 2016 Presidential campaign as a strategist for Sen. Bernie Sanders, yesterday became the first DACA recipient to be sworn in as an attorney in the state of New York. It was the end of a four year battle for Vargas, who passed the … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, February 4, 2016

English (en español al final de la página): New York Times (Opinion): The Supreme Court vs. the President By Linda Greenhouse Los Angeles Times: Far from the Mexican border, 2016 GOP presidential candidates keep immigration at forefront By Cathleen Decker Huffington Post: Ted Cruz Distorts Marco Rubio’s Immigration Stance By Robert Farley MSNBC: Republican candidates … Continue reading »