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At Orlando Puerto Rican Festival, “boos rained down” on Marco Rubio

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who was against immigration reform before he was for it before he was against it again, is in a tough reelection fight against Congressman Patrick Murphy. The four most recent polls have shown the race has tightened considerably. We first saw this news about Rubio being booed at an Orlando … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, October 25, 2016

English (en español al final de la página): Washington Post: No, Eric Trump, 14 percent of noncitizens are not registered to vote  By Michelle Ye Hee Lee US News and World Report: The Door-To-Door Grind to Lift Latino Voter Turnout By David Catanese Politico: Clinton aims to run up the score By Gabriel Debenedetti Politico: Breitbart coordinated with … Continue reading »

“Hate Rising”: Jorge Ramos Examines The Resurgence Of Hate Groups During The Rise Of Trump

“Hate Rising,” the new documentary with journalist Jorge Ramos, premiered on Fusion and Univision last night — and for many of us, the images from the film have been sadly all too familiar for the past year and a half. HATE RISING Promo from CatTails on Vimeo. Ramos spent nine months traveling the US and speaking … Continue reading »

Bazta Arpaio Targets Sheriff Joe In Largest Canvassing In Arizona History

Late last Friday, former Gov. Jan Brewer said she wasn’t concerned about the Latino vote in Arizona, saying Latinos “don’t get out and vote. They don’t vote.” We’ve got some news for her. Bazta Arpaio — the group organizing to end the troubled career of the beleaguered Maricopa County sheriff — recruited more than 500 … Continue reading »

¿Adiós, Arpaio? New Poll Has Beleaguered Maricopa County Sheriff Down 15 Points

Could beleaguered Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio be headed for defeat this November? It’s sure been looking like it lately. A new survey released this past week shows Arpaio trailing his Democratic opponent, Paul Penzone, by nearly 15 points. It’s the second poll within the past two weeks to have Arpaio — recently charged by federal … Continue reading »

President Obama: Rubio “Will Say Anything, Do Anything, Pretend To Be Anybody, Just To Get Elected”

President Obama excoriated Marco Rubio on his home turf yesterday, calling him out for his ongoing support for Donald Trump, despite criticizing him as unqualified and “dangerous” during the GOP primary. “How can you call him a con artist and dangerous and object to all the controversial things he says, and then say, ‘I’m still going to … Continue reading »

VIDEO: Full Immigration Exchange From Last Night’s Final Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were finally asked about immigration during the third and final Presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada last night. Below is a video of the complete exchange, as well as some selected text from Clinton’s remarks, where she discusses Karla — the US citizen daughter of undocumented immigrants — and her plan to … Continue reading »