America’s Voice · La Semana En Inmigración – 10.20.23   Acuerdo judicial entre el Departamento de Justicia y ACLU prohíbe la separación familiar en la frontera y concede algunos beneficios migratorios a familias afectadas por la política de Cero Tolerancia de Donald Trump Se reanudan las deportaciones de venezolanos... Continue »
A Venezuelan family that was separated for months after it was entangled in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star scheme has been reunited in New York.  “Genesis crouches down, happy tears tugging her face into a big grin, as she nudges her 2-year-old daughter, wearing a backpack, pink... Continue »
Eligible immigrants have begun applying for relief under the Biden administration’s recent extension and redesignation of Venezuela for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). More than 242,000 Venezuelans are currently protected under the program, according to the Biden administration. Under the expansion, an additional 472,000 Venezuelan nationals will now also be... Continue »
Buscar una nueva y mejor vida lejos de la ignominia, la opresión y la falta de empleos y oportunidades ha implicado siempre una ruta incómoda y peligrosa para los miles de migrantes que van dejando en su recorrido la huella de la esperanza. ►“La travesía ha sido muy dura,... Continue »
“Like Other Immigrants And Asylum Seekers, Those Who Have Fled Venezuela Don’t Want Handouts Or Special Treatment – Instead, They Want To Work And Support Themselves And Contribute More Fully To Their Communities,” Said America’s Voice Executive Director Vanessa Cárdenas The Biden administration has officially announced that it is... Continue »
“Even Though We Don’t Know English … I Know We Will Understand Each Other”  Among the migrants who’ve entered the U.S. through a program allowing everyday Americans to financially sponsor refugees from around the world are Johanna and Luz, a couple that was forced to flee Venezuela due to... Continue »
Advocates and TPS holders call on Congress to pass permanent protections Jesse Canales at Spectrum News reports on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders and business leaders who gathered in Orlando yesterday to call on Florida Senators to pass the SECURE act, legislation that would provide permanent protections and a... Continue »
Biden and Democrats Go Big to Change People’s Lives; Post-Policy GOP Goes Hard Right to Rile Up White Grievance Voters   A multiracial majority in America voted in Democrats to run the White House, the Senate and the House. Biden and the Democrats know that they have a window... Continue »
Today, it’s being reported that the Biden Administration is about to announce that it will designate Venezuela for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). This long-awaited designation will provide protection from deportation and permission to work for Venezuelans already in the U.S. whose deportation would further destabilize a country facing dangerous... Continue »