White House claims women pose national security risk because they are pregnant. Today the Trump administration implemented a new rule that could ban women visitors around the world to the U.S. simply because a consular officer thinks they are pregnant or could become pregnant. Trump’s overreach is just one... Continue »
The Trump Administration’s Travel Ban Against Women of Child-bearing Age Without any new action by Congress, the Trump administration posted a new regulation, effective tomorrow, that bans women of child-bearing age from being issued a visitor visa simply because they could be pregnant. The bottom line: a vast group... Continue »
“Wittingly or not, and their departments have been co-opted into a campaign to extradite an innocent man to almost certain death, in order to make a racist talking point appear to be slightly less of a fiction.”  A disturbing New Yorker article highlights how the Trump Administration... Continue »
“Abbott is a coward and diminishes Texas’ history and tradition as big, proud and confident enough to welcome refugees” Leading observers are blasting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for siding with nationalist White House advisor Stephen Miller and turning his back on refugees and the state’s best interests and traditions.... Continue »
The Trump Administration’s plan to send Mexican asylum-seekers to Guatemala is being widely condemned as the latest cruel and chaotic effort to deny due process and a fair chance at asylum for vulnerable people.  The plan for Mexican asylum-seekers mirrors the situation for Central American asylum seekers, who through... Continue »
What happened on immigration in the 2010s? In the last ten years, immigration advocates have fought for immigration reform and DACA and against Trump’s many terrible anti-immigrant policies. Immigrant-led organizations, state-based groups, legal aid organizations, and others have won significant victories while pushing back nativist changes. Here’s a list... Continue »
Rally-goers discuss what's happening with DACA in the courts.
Originally published as a mid-year review on July 28, 2019; updated on December 18, 2019 From the moment Donald Trump descended the Trump Tower escalator to launch his presidential bid in 2015, his attacks on immigrants have been unrelenting. Throughout 2019, the Trump Administration continued its cruel pattern of... Continue »
“The only way you can hold those agencies accountable to Congress and the public is if they are transparent and honest about the reasons why they do things.” In an article for the Financial Times, reporter Madison Darbyshire takes a dive into the legal battles that have brought to... Continue »
There is No Long Term Strategy, Just a Short Term Political Charade The Trump administration, led by Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan, is once again engaged in audacious spin and an effort to paper over their failed record by claiming “staggering” success along the border. But the Trump administration’s... Continue »
In a Seattle Times column, Naomi Ishisaka responds to her mail that demands undocumented immigrants to “get in line and do it the right way” by posing the question, “But what if the ‘legal’ door is padlocked and blockaded? What if it’s only open for five minutes a day... Continue »