Today is the national day of action for temporary protected status (TPS) — a major mobilization where advocates are demanding justice and a permanent solution for TPS holders from 13 countries. The Trump Administration is slowly ending TPS for hundreds of thousands of longtime residents, by cancelling or failing to... Continuar »
TPS Terminations, Motivated by Racism, Would Tear Families Apart San Francisco – Six adults with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and two U.S. citizen children of TPS holders filed a class-action lawsuit today seeking to stop the unlawful termination of TPS for over 100,000 TPS holders from Honduras and Nepal and prevent the... Continuar »
“Haitian who started martial arts school for kids says Trump needs to rethink immigration policy” Present at last night’s State of the Union was Gerald Michaud. He is a husband, father, martial arts teacher, and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holder. In a New York Daily News article by Michael... Continuar »
“It was racism that motivated the termination of TPS, but it is the values of family unity, equality, and inclusion that must triumph.” The National TPS Alliance announced plans for a major mobilization in Washington, DC on February 12 to demand TPS justice and a permanent solution for TPS... Continuar »
Activist, Ironworker, and Son Shares How TPS Has Changed His Life and Why He’s Fighting for a Permanent Solution William Martinez Cruz is a successful ironworker, a son, and most recently- an activist. Stephanie Ramirez at WUSA 9 reports that, as a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holder, he has... Continuar »
Union President James Boland Discusses Detrimental Impacts of Administration’s Termination of TPS In a new video for NowThis, James Boland, President of the International Union for Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers and member of Working Families United, discusses the devastating impacts of the Trump administration’s termination of Temporary Protected Status... Continuar »
NPR’s Weekend Edition: Honduran TPS Holder Father Meets Son for First Time For NPR’s Weekend Edition, Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with a Honduran man and his son who were reunited in the U.S. for the first time in their lives. The father is a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holder and... Continuar »
9 Years After Haiti Earthquake, Need for Residency Remains Apparent As the nine year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti looms tomorrow, the trial defending Haitian Temporary Protected Status (TPS) has ended. Jacqueline Charles at the Miami Herald gives a thorough summary of the TPS- centered trial, Saget... Continuar »
TPS Holders & Their Family Faced with Separation as Result of Administration’s Termination of Immigration Status Featured in NPR’s Morning Edition, Maria Rivas, a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holder originally from El Salvador, and her 15 year old daughter Emily, a U.S. citizen, face the unbearable reality of family... Continuar »
According to reporter Adam Geller at the Associated Press, blockbuster new emails revealed in an ongoing trial around the termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haiti, Saget et al v. Trump, show that the Trump administration “was so bent on ending TPS that it ignored the U.S. government’s... Continuar »