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Sen. Ted Cruz

Behind On The Presidential Election? We Have You Covered

It’s only February and the 2016 general election is still over 270 days away, but so much has already happen in this year’s cycle, it’s hard to keep track. On the Republican side, the Presidential field has gone from 15 candidates, to just seven as of today: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Ahead of Caucus Matt Hildreth Assesses “Why Iowa Still Matters”

In a new piece on, Matt Hildreth, the Iowa based Director of Online Programs for America’s Voice and Director of Iowa’s Voice, offers a fresh take on the role of immigration in this year’s caucus and the implications this role will have for candidates of both parties in the general election. Hildreth, who has offered a … Continue reading »

Iowa Still Matters And That’s Bad News For The GOP

Last January, I wrote that immigration hardliners like Steve King were making the Iowa Republican Caucuses irrelevant. Well, I was wrong — sort of. The demographics (not to mention the conservative ideology) of Iowa Republican caucus goers make it hard for Republican candidates to win both the Iowa caucus and the general election. But here’s … Continue reading »

Republicans Kicked Off Their First Debate Of 2016 Like They Finished Off 2015: Out-Trumping Each Other On Immigration

Republicans kicked off their first Presidential debate of 2016 just like they finished off 2015: Trying to out-Trump each other in order to suck up to the anti-immigrant crowd that now makes up their base.   One of the most heated moments of the night came from Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who yet again bickered with each … Continue reading »

Sorry Gov. Haley: Entire GOP Field Following Siren Call Of “Angriest Voices” On Immigration

Ahead of Tonight’s GOP Debate in SC, Leading GOP Contenders Propose Mass Deportation or Self-Deportation During this week’s official Republican response to the State of the Union address, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley called on the country to resist “the siren call of the angriest voices” in how we welcome and treat immigrants.  The fact is that the … Continue reading »

ICYMI: How Trump-Style Politics Turned California Into a Blue State

With General Elections Around the Corner, Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal Explains Why California Remains a Cautionary Tale for the GOP As Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continue to argue over who’s the biggest anti-immigrant demagogue in the GOP field, Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal offers a fresh reminder of what’s at stake … Continue reading »

Making Sense of the Cruz-Rubio Cage Match: Both Have Flip-Flopped from 2013 Positions; Both Now Support Versions of Self-Deportation

Frank Sharry: “A party that needs to expand its appeal in a country undergoing a huge demographic transition has lurched to the right in a way that is likely to make it unelectable in the 2016 presidential race.” Political observers have been busy this week assessing the immigration back-and-forth between the top-tier Republican presidential candidates … Continue reading »

Throwback Thursday: 2013 Ted Cruz Grills 2015 Ted Cruz On His Past Support For Legal Status

Ted Cruz has been in a bitter back-and-forth with Marco Rubio over the issue of immigration for months, most recently onstage at Tuesday’s Republican debate. But in an interview with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, Cruz faced one foe he just wasn’t ready for: himself. From HuffPo: Fox News’ Bret Baier grilled the 2016 GOP presidential candidate … Continue reading »

While Democrats Stand Up for Immigrants and Refugees, the Three GOP Frontrunners Embrace a Radical Deportation Agenda

Frank Sharry: “Let us hope the nation ultimately rejects the radicalism of the right in favor of the humanity of our ideals” The stark contrast between the two parties on immigration was on full display this week. Yesterday, speaking at a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives, President Barack Obama delivered an eloquent defense of America’s tradition … Continue reading »

“Say Bye To Latino Vote”: Twitter Reacts To Extreme Rhetoric From Last Night’s GOP Debate

Last night’s Republican Presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada became a race over who can go furthest to the extreme right, with leading candidates uniting as both anti-immigrant and anti-refugee. In a round-up below, journalists, immigration advocates, and others react to the radical agendas proposed by Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and others. The main #GOPDebate starts … Continue reading »