Today’s must-read pieces come from Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions and Greg Sargent of the Washington Post. With Trump dominating the newscycle in recent days with his xenophobia and mendacity, Barreto cites extensive polling evidence and recent races to predict Trump’s fear mongering won’t work and Sargent challenges the political class to conclude that Trump’s… Continue »

Blatant Lies and Racism Central to His Divide and Distract Strategy President Trump’s closing argument for the midterms is clear: lie, stoke fear, and whip up a race-baiting frenzy over border security, immigration and a caravan of Central Americans seeking safety and opportunity. It’s almost as if he’s a bystander and a carnival barker who… Continue »

anti-immigrant militias detain immigrants

In a new editorial, the Washington Post responds to Trump’s frenzied and cynical exploitation of the caravan. The Post’s editorial is below and available online here. With each passing day, President Trump makes clearer his delight in the political advantage he may extract from the migrant caravan heading north through Mexico. His enthusiasm for forging… Continue »

Some influential media observers, such as the Washington Post’s media columnist Margaret Sullivan, have criticized the media for repeating Trump’s lies about immigration and the caravan. As Sullivan wrote in a tweet accompanying her column, “By picking up the language of “caravan crisis” and “onslaught” — and by allowing themselves to be manipulated — the… Continue »

Trump wants to exploit this issue, not solve it. As President Trump stokes fears and tries to whip up a frenzy over border security, immigration and a caravan of Central Americans seeking safety and opportunity, here is our take: Trump wants to exploit this issue, not solve it. Trump’s frenzy over the issue is ugly,… Continue »

“They told me: if you do not join us in three days, we’re going to start killing your whole family. We’re going to cut them up and we’re going to send them in bags.” It was that phrase that, when he remembered it, broke his voice and pushed the tears out from his eyes. Juan… Continue »

As the media focuses on the caravan of a few hundred Central Americans, a new Washington Post editorial cautions us with a warning: don’t be distracted; keep focused on the facts and the Administration’s excesses, especially the separation of minor children from their parents for the purpose of deterring asylum-seekers. The entire editorial is available online here and excerpted below:… Continue »

The New York Times reports that around 200 people, mostly women and children fleeing violence, have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border after a very long and very public journey to seek protection from violent situations in their home countries. Kirk Semple and Miriam Jordan report, “A long, grueling journey gave way to what could be a long, uncertain… Continue »

Eugene Robinson’s latest column in the Washington Post is entitled “The immigrant ‘caravan’ is a test. Trump wants us to fail.” He puts the current caravan of Central Americans in historical context and calls on America to avoid the injustices of the past and live up to our ideals as a leader in the post-World War II… Continue »