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New Interactive Feature: Mark Krikorian in His Own Words, At His Most Extreme

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Mark Krikorian, leader of the anti-immigrant “think tank” Center for Immigration Studies, once whitesplained Sonia Sotomayor‘s name and claimed that the reason why Haiti is so screwed up is because it wasn’t “colonized long enough.”  Yet despite this — and despite his ties to white nationalists — Republican members of Congress continue to regularly call CIS staffers to testify at immigration hearings.  Major media outlets continue to quote Krikorian and his staffers.  And preposterously, CIS continues to bill itself as “Low-Immigration, Pro-Immigrant”.  In what world would CIS — which openly campaigns against legal as well as undocumented immigration — be considered pro-immigrant?

This week, the Center for New Community has released a timeline of Mark Krikorian in his own words, dating back to 2012.  From the time he referred to Univision anchor Jorge Ramos as a “white-Hispanic ethnic hustler” to the time he dismissed stories of family separation and deportation as “sob stories” to the time he echoed the debunked claim that “Muslim-only” neighborhoods exist in France, the timeline features Krikorian at his most extreme.

Check out this brand-new timeline on Krikorian here.