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Ken Cuccinelli

Will GOP Follow Ken Cuccinelli & Steve King on Immigration or Embrace the “Hispanic Lifeline” of Reform?

Lessons in Virginia and California on Display for GOP, if They Are Willing to Look & Listen  Given the likely outcome, the Virginia governor’s race could be a sign of things to come for the GOP in 2014 when it comes to the politics of immigration.  Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s hardline immigration positions, including his … Continue reading »

National Journal: Demographic Changes Allow Terry McAuliffe to Embrace Progressive Politics in Virginia

Yesterday, Latino Decisions published a new presentation on immigration reform politics in California and what it means for Republicans there and the GOP nationwide.  We know the story well: in 1994, California Republicans pushed through a horribly anti-immigrant law (Prop 187) that drove Latinos into the arms of Democrats.  The progressive realignment that happened in California as … Continue reading »

Ken Cuccinelli Might Be Doing Better If He Weren't an Extremist in a Changing Virginia

In recent days, we’ve written about Colorado and California as examples of places where demographic change have posed and continue to pose serious challenges to Republicans in future elections.  Today, Jill Lawrence at National Journal has a similar piece about this year’s gubernatorial race in Virginia, where demography may end up being destiny. Though both … Continue reading »

Steve King Doubles Down & Ken Cuccinelli Joins the “Immigrants as Animals” Brigade

Boehner Calls Reform “More Difficult” in Light of Extremist Comments, When They Should Make Passing Reform More Imperative As anti-immigrant extremist Rep. Steve King (R-IA) continues his media tour to defend his infamous comparison of DREAMers to drug smugglers, he has company – another high-profile Republican has joined Rep. King in comparing immigrants to animals. … Continue reading »